Advertisement policy

The terms described in this document govern the advertising policy at ( “Publisher” ). “Advertiser” is a party that purchases advertisement space or services on the website Advertisement includes text, links, images, banners, video, or native content creation (posts and articles). An Advertising campaign ( “Campaign” ) is an organized course of action to promote a product or service which is represented by links, banners, and/or other content elements or services on Publisher’s website. Advertiser must agree with this policy to start a campaign and place an order with Publisher.

Media Kit

Publisher’s advertisement opportunities are listed in Media Kit. It includes general information about advertisement options, placements, and pricing stated in USD. Publisher may change any part of the Media Kit at its sole discretion without any further notice. The current version of the media kit is available on the following URL:


Pricing and available advertising options are listed in the current version of the Media Kit. In case if Advertiser is interested in purchasing advertising at he can contact Publisher directly using the contact information provided in the Media Kit.

Advertisement space is the subject of availability. Publisher will inform Advertiser about available options.
Advertiser may provide creatives for Publisher for testing purposes before placing an order upon prior agreement.

Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising or advertising copy at any time and for any reason.

Advertiser Warranties and Indemnity

The placement of any advertisement with Publisher constitutes a confirmation by Advertiser that it is authorized to publish the entire contents. Advertiser represents and warrants that any advertising, and any practices, services, or website associated with the advertising, complies with applicable consumer protection and privacy law and does not violate any personal or proprietary rights. Advertiser agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Publisher, and its employees and representatives, against any and all liability, loss, damage, etc. Publisher is not responsible for any advertising materials.

Order placement

Once the Advertiser and Publisher have agreed upon all aspects of the order, Publisher will send an order link to the Advertiser or its agency via email. Payment of the order is due based upon the terms provided on such order/invoice. The order/invoice will contain a list of advertisement products. The order/invoice must be paid using the online checkout option enabled at the bottom of the email invoice (to be powered by 2Checkout). The order will be placed once the Advertiser has completed the payment. Once it happens, Publisher will create an account for the advertiser in its internal database for future account management.


If the services are paid, an advertising campaign shall start within two weeks (10 business days) after all necessary advertisement materials were provided to publisher. The campaign countdown time will begin from the moment it goes live.

Advertising materials and/or creatives must be provided to Publisher before placing an order or not later than two weeks (10 business days) after an order has been placed. In case if Advertiser fails to provide advertisement materials within 10 business days, the order shall be placed on hold.


The copyright in any advertisement created by Publisher is owned by Publisher and the advertisement may not be otherwise used by Advertiser or third parties without Publisher’s prior written consent.

Publisher Warranties

The publisher guarantees to display requested advertising materials on the website according to the agreement with Advertiser and the summary of products in the paid order. Publisher guarantees that website will remain publically accessible for visitors and maintain the original quality of the content. Due to the nature of the Internet, Publisher makes no guarantee or representation as to the quantity or quality of visits, impressions.


Performance reports will be issued at the end of a campaign. All impressions and other measurements shall be based solely on Publisher’s calculations (DFP / Google AdManager numbers).


In case if Advertiser fails to deliver necessary advertisement materials to start a campaign within 10 (ten) business days after an order was placed (per section “Order placement” of this agreement), the Advertiser may request a refund. In this case, Publisher will issue a refund within 10 (ten) business days.

In case if Publisher fails to deliver the advertising materials to visitors of the website in accordance to the order summary, before starting the campaign within the time frame stated in the Order Placement section of this agreement, but after the order was paid, due to the technical or other problems on the Publisher’s end (except for the cases when advertising materials do not meet Publisher’s requirements), Publisher may offer alternative advertisement options to the Advertiser or fully refund the amount of the order or its part that fails to deliver. If Advertiser chooses to request a refund, Publisher shall issue a refund within 10 (ten) business days. Publisher will not be responsible for any taxes, fees, commissions, production, or any other expenses or losses due to the above event.

Non-cancelable / Non-refundable items

After an advertisement campaign went live on it is no longer cancelable. In case if Advertiser desires to replace creatives and/or other content in their banners, it may be done upon Publisher’s agreement but not more than one time per month. If an Advertiser desires to stop a campaign – no refunds will be issued by Publisher.
Native content creation is not cancelable once an order was paid. Changes to published native content /articles may only be made upon Publisher’s agreement, not more than 2(two) times. Publisher reserves the right to refuse changes to native content that had been published.

Interroptions in campaign delivery

Time-based campaigns

In case of an interruption of the campaign delivery, due to the technical problems on the publisher’s end, Publishers will take all necessary actions to fix them and credit Advertiser for the time the advertising materials were not delivering. The advertisement campaign will be extended to utilize issued credit automatically. No refund shall be issued.

CPM-based campaigns

To the extent Publisher fails to provide Advertiser with a number of impressions guaranteed in writing (if applicable), the sole remedy will be an extension of the order until the remainder of the guaranteed impressions is delivered. The advertisement campaign will be extended to utilize issued credit automatically. No refund shall be issued.


Automatic prolongation options are not available at the moment, so in case if Advertiser decides to prolong any services and campaigns, they must contact the publisher directly. The publisher will send Advertiser a new invoice or place a new order, upon which the new campaign will be prolonged. reserves the right to change any part of this policy at any time, and agrees to notify current Advertisers (clients that run an active campaign at the moment when the changes of this policy take effect) of changes via email.