Lifted 1997 Suzuki Sierra SJ80 / Samurai with offroad modifications

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Classic 4×4 Trucks and Vintage SUV

Lifted Square Body Chevy Suburban on 35 Inch Wheels

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Old School Chevy K5 Blazer PreRunner with Long Travel Suspension

Old School Chevy K5 Blazer PreRunner with Long Travel Suspension

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Even though we drive comfortable modern vehicles, classic 4×4 trucks and vintage 4×4 SUV remain on our bucket lists for future project builds and weekend rides. Old school design, aggressive lines, and boxy silhouettes mean nothing but power, however, there is much more than just the badass looks and rumbling motors.

These vehicles came to us from a completely different era when all the gears and mechanisms were controlled by a highly complex computer called the human brain. There were no digital electronics, no ECU, no traction or crawl controls, or other helpers that would take care of the basic functions of your car. It certainly means less comfort, more things that you should keep in mind and take care of, but on the other hand, it also means fewer problems with repairs. If something doesn’t work, take a wrench and a pair of other tools and replace the troublemaker right in your driveway.

Lifted squarebody chevy silverado c/kThe progress is unstoppable, and vehicle manufacturers keep treating us with technologically advanced features and options that are called to improve our comfort and convenience in everyday life. From year to year, it gets us further and further from the good old classics, but there’s nothing wrong with that because unstoppable development is what makes our planet spinning for thousands of years. Although If you want to stop for a moment and enjoy the good things that you love in your life, classic 4×4 truck or vintage SUV will be the time machine that will take you back in the days when the grass was greener, ecology better and your hair longer.

If you were in love with this or another model in your teen years, but couldn’t afford it back then, then there is a big chance that you still can’t get over it and keep checking your local classifieds just in case something interesting shows up. As the old saying goes, dreams must come true, so why not get your dream vehicle when it becomes obtainable?

Classic 4×4 Trucks and SUV Trends

Classics will never come out of fashion, however, certain trends change from time to time. Some models experience a new reborn many decades after the official production ended, and turn into a great hype for the enthusiasts.

During the last few years, prices on vintage Land Cruiser FJ 60 have started to grow rapidly, the same happened with Jeep Wagoneer and a row of other classic 4x4s, so except for acquiring your dream vehicle, you also make an investment that can bring you a lot of money on the future resale.


Already imagine yourself behind the wheel of your favorite vintage Land Rover, Ford Truck or International Scout? Let me get you back to the ground for a second and remind about a couple of downsides of owning old 4×4 trucks. If the “for sale” price of the vehicle that you are going to buy looks very attractive from the first look, you should also consider it’s condition. Most of the 25+ years old classic 4×4 trucks require a restoration. Sometimes it can be in a good running condition when you would just need to fix some basic things, but in other cases you need to do a major overhaul of the engine components, drivetrain, transmission, suspension, upholstery and take care of the body and the frame.

Classic Land Rover Defender 4x4


Availability of the parts is an important key point of choosing an oldtimer. 1st, the parts can be not easy to find. You may end up sourcing necessary replacement components for months on the internet and wait weeks for them to ship. 2nd, when the parts are rare, they tend to be expensive, which can drain your wallet in a blink of an eye and turn your old 4×4 truck into a money pit.

If the Vintage 4×4 of your dreams was considered fast and powerful back in the day, you may not be as excited about its performance and driving characteristics today, especially in comparison with modern cars. If that happens to be your case, then swapping up the old parts with modern components is the right way to go. Again there are many companies that specialize in building restomods and hot rods on the base of Classic 4×4 trucks, but you should be ready to pay a solid amount of money because the costs of engineering, extensive modifications, and labor can easily compare with a price of a brand new car.

Luckily you’re not alone in your passion for vintage 4×4 so there are many restoration shops throughout the country that can help you to take care of your freshly acquired dream truck.


One of the most famous companies that work with vintage 4×4 trucks and SUV is the ICON 4×4 owned by a talented craftsman Jonathan Ward. Their restomods based on classic Toyota FJ50, Ford Bronco, Chevy Blazers and other models have seen the covers of many niche magazines and websites throughout the world. The prices start with about $150,000-$200,000USD but for this much money, you will get a real mechanical artwork on wheels that runs and drives like the best modern sportcar.

ICON 4x4 custom trucks


Classic Ford Broncos is a famous restoration shop out of Columbus, OH that is specialized on  the 1st gen Broncos as you have guessed from the company name. The restoration quality and attention to details of their vehicles are simply amazing. Mindboggling pictures of their stunning Broncos will not leave anyone indifferent.

Early Bronco Lifted on 33" wheels


New Legend 4×4 is specialized on vintage SUV like International Scout, Jeep Wagoneer, and other models. They combine classic design with modern technologies and outstanding craftsmanship to make the vintage 4x4s look and run better than ever.

International Scout by NewLegend 4x4 restoration shop


Land Rover Defender is one of the most iconic offroaders of all times, so if you are looking for perfectly restored or customized LR or even a Range Rover, you should check out the company called East Coast Defender.
It was founded by die-hard Land Rover enthusiasts from the UK who have taken their business to the highest level offering the top of the line restoration and modifications for classic British offroad vehicles.

Land Rover Defender 90 by Eastcoastdefender


Our world is multicultural and extremely diverse, but the passion to offroading unites us all. Vintage Hyundai Galloper and its twin brother 1st gen Mitsubishi Pajero are some of the most popular classic 4×4 vehicles of South Korea. Mohenic garage has taken the restoration program for these vehicles to the world-class level so it definitely deserves your attention.


Preserving the vintage feel, style and reliability are the key points of the Cool&Vintage firm from sunny Portugal. They don’t do crazy over the top upgrades and swaps, but instead, they make stunning adventure vehicles that allow you to feel the real soul of classic 4×4 trucks.

If you own a garage and have some basic technical skills than why not try doing the work by yourself. This will save you thousands and bring a lot of good garage time especially if you invite a couple of friends to help you with the project.

The list of all classic trucks and SUV

There is no exact classification or definition of what exactly is a classic or Vintage 4×4 vehicle, but generally, if it’s older than 25 years than it is considered to belong to this category. Since 4×4 established itself as a class after the WWII we consider 1950s-1960s as a starting point for this category.
Basing on this time frame we decided to arrange an information table of the most remarkable classic 4×4 trucks and SUV of this era.

MAKE AND MODELProduction Years
Chevy Blazer K51st gen 1969-1972, 2nd Gen 1973-1991
Chevy C/K Trucks1st gen 1960-1966, 2nd gen 1967-1972, 3rd gen 1973-1987, 4th Gen 1987- 1998
Chevy S101982-1993
Chevy Suburban4th gen 1955–1959, 5th gen 1960–1966, 6th gen 1967–1972, 7th gen 1973–1991
Dodge Dakota1st gen 1986–1996
Dodge Ram1981–1994
Dodge Ramcharger1st gen 1974–1980, 2nd gen 1981-1994
Ford Bronco1st gen 1966–1977, 2nd gen 1978–1979, 3rd gen 1980–1986, 4th gen 1987–1991, 5th gen 1992–1996
Ford F-Series1948-Present
GMC K5 Jimmy1st gen 1969-1972, 2nd Gen 1973-1991
GMC Sonoma1982-1993
Hummer H11992–2006
Hyundai Galloper1991–2003
International Scout1961–1980
Isuzu Rodeo / MU1989–1998
Isuzu Trooper1981–1991
Jeep CJ1944-1985
Jeep Jeepster / Commando1st gen 1948-1951, 2nd Gen 1966-1973
JEEP SJ Wagoneer / Cherokee1962-1991
Jeep Wrangler1987–1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 1997–2006 Wrangler TJ
Jeep XJ Cherokee / Comanche1984-2001
Lada Niva1977-Present
Land RoverSeries I 1958–1961, Series II 1961–1971, Series III 1971–1985
Land Rover Defender 90 / 1101983–2012
Land Rover DiscoverySeries I 1989–1998
Mercedes G-ClassW460 1979–1990, W461 1990–2001
Mercedes Unimog1951-Present
Mitsubishi Pajero1st gen 1982–1991
Nissan Patrol1st gen 1951–1960, 2nd gen 1959–1980, 3rd gen 1980–1989, 4th gen 1987–1997
Range Rover1970–1996
Suzuki Samurai1st gen 1970–1981, 2nd gen 1981–1998
Toyota 4Runner1st gen 1984–1989, 2nd gen 1990–1995
Toyota Land Cruiser1951-Present
Toyota Pickup Truck1968-Present
UAZ 4521965-Present
UAZ 469 / 31511971-Present