Lifted Mitsubishi Delica L300 Overland Minivan with Pajero 4WD

Lifted Mitsubishi Delica L300 Overland Minivan with Pajero 4WD

Model: Mitsubishi Delica L300
Wheels: 31″
Category: Overland Minivan
Capability Score: 55/70
Build Level: Pro
Mods Budget: $$$$

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OBS Ford F150 Prerunner 1994 with long travel suspension

Long Travel OBS Ford F150 Prerunner on 37s

This is our archive feature dedicated to a 1994 OBS (Old Body Style) Ford F-150…

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Lifted Lexus GX460 Overland and Off-road Adventures

Lexus GX470 Prerunner With Long Travel Suspension

Model: Lexus GX470
Wheels: 37″
Category: Prerunner/Overland
Build Level: Pro
Capability Score: 70/70
Mods Budget: $$$$$

ford ranger prerunner black fiberwerx wide body

Ford Ranger Prerunner – Cheapest Ticket to Desert Racing

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