Ultimate 2nd Gen Ford Raptor Overland Build on 37s for Big Expeditions

  • Model: 2nd Gen Ford Raptor
  • Wheels: 37"
  • Category: Overland Build
  • Capability Score: 60/70
  • Build Level: Advanced
  • Mods Budget: $$$$
Lifted 2019 Ford Raptor With Lots of Mods & Upgrades
Lifted 2019 Ford Raptor With Lots of Mods & Upgrades
Ford Raptor with a 4" lift
Ford Raptor with a bed rack and roof top tent rtt
Ford Raptor 2nd gern 37" inch tires
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The Ford F150 Raptor has been a popular truck for over a decade, and for good reason. This vehicle is engineered to traverse rough terrain with ease, while also offering substantial cargo capacity in its truck bed. This makes the Raptor a compelling choice for long-distance overland trips.

For example, this blue 2nd gen 2019 Ford Raptor overland build provides ample interior & bed space to carry equipment for multi-day expeditions into remote locations. With rear lockers, massive 37″ tires and spacious cab, this truck serves as an ideal overland platform – let’s see why!

Ford Raptor with a bed rack and roof top tent rtt

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Raptor Overland Build – Parts List

Engine & Performance

  • Hi-Output 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6
  • Twin-turbocharged and intercooled 60 degree V6, overhead cams
  • Addictive Desert Design Intercooler Upgrade


  • 4″ Lift via HD Leaf Springs (rear) & SVC Coil Adapters (front)


  • 37″ Gladiator Offroad Tires
  • Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Wheels


  • Addictive Dessert Designs Front & Rear Stealth Fighter Bumpers
  • Complete RIGID Light Makeover (18 lights bumper to bumper) with Custom Overhead Dash Mounted Switch Pro System
  • Xstrusion Overland Custom Bed Rack
  • UpTop Roof Rack
  • RIGd Supply Spare Tire Tailgate Arm
  • ReTrax Bed Cover
  • Bedslide
  • ROAM Tent
  • 23Zero 270-degree Awning
  • Mounted ROAM & Rotopax Cases, and much more



Roof Top Tent

To ensure proper fit and compatibility, we recommend you verify any selected parts or accessories with a qualified professional or seller prior to ordering.

Technical Details

Model: Ford F150 Raptor 2nd generation

Production years: 2017-2020

Approximate prices on the market (Used): $43,000-$53,000

Engine: 3.7L High Output EcoBoost, 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque

Towing Capacity: 8,000 lbs

Drivetrain: Four-Wheel-Drive

Construction: Body On Frame

Traction Enhancement Devices: Rear Locking Differentials

Low Range: Yes

Stock wheel size: 315/70R17 – 34″

Offroad Wheel Size: 37″

Build Level: Advanced

Budget: $$$$

Off-road Capability Score: 60/70 – How did we get this score?

Ford Raptor 2nd gern 37" inch tires

Build break-down

Let’s start with the main features under the hood. This beast is powered by a Hi-Output 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that’s twin-turbocharged and intercooled. The configuration of the V6 is 60 degrees with overhead cams which means it can generate an outrageous amount of power. And with an Addictive Desert Design Intercooler upgrade, the Raptor’s performance is further enhanced.


The suspension is an important part of any off-road vehicle, and this truck doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a 4″ lift via HD Leaf Springs on the back & SVC Coil Adapters upfront. This setup allows the truck to accommodate oversized 37″ tires and glide through any terrain, be it rock or mud, like butter.

Wheels & Tires

The 37″ Gladiator off-road tires offer increased traction and flotation over rough terrain, while the Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter wheels properly fit the massive tires while providing durability for off-road use. Together, they help the truck better traverse mud, rocks, and other challenges.

Exterior Accessories

Addictive Dessert Designs Front & Rear Stealth Fighter Bumpers The heavy-duty bumpers protect critical components like lights and radiators while traversing rugged trails, provide increased clearance, and enable mounting additional accessories. Their aggressive style also aligns with the Raptor’s desert racing pedigree.

RIGID Industries Light Setup

The eighteen RIGID lights wired bumper-to-bumper provide 360 degrees of illumination for driving safely at night, camping, and work duties. The custom switch panel keeps controls centralized and organized.

Xstrusion Overland Custom Bed Rack

The rack creates a platform for mounting rooftop tents and carrying additional gear, while also providing handy attachment points for lighting or other accessories. This expands cargo options.

UpTop Roof Rack

Offering more mounting points for lights, traction boards and other overlanding equipment. The low profile aerodynamic design minimizes noise and fuel efficiency impacts.

ROAM Tent & 270-Degree Awning

Provide comfortable accommodations for multi-day expeditions far from civilization while saving the cost of motel rooms. Can be pitched in minutes atop the truck.

RIGd Supply Spare Tire Tailgate Arm

This rear tailgate accessory securely holds a large spare tire, freeing up the space underneath the truck bed for storage of other equipment. Easy access to the spare also facilitates quicker tire changes on the trail.

ReTrax Bed Cover

This retractable tonneau cover provides versatile protection for gear placed inside the truck bed, shielding it from weather, dust, and theft while still allowing quick access. The low-profile design also enhances aesthetics.

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Ford Raptor with a 4" lift


This heavy duty slide-out bed drawer makes accessing cargo and equipment stored deep within the 6.5ft bed much easier without crawling inside. It holds up to 2,000 lbs and locks in extended position.

ROAM / Rotopax Mounted Cases

ROAM cases offer dust-proof, waterproof storage for sensitive items like cameras, laptops and electronics that need protection while traveling rough backroads. The locking Rotopax fuel and water cans enable transporting extra gasoline and water for long remote journeys.

23Zero 270-Degree Awning

The spacious awning provides shade and shelter from the elements while camping. The wraparound design offers excellent coverage for relaxing outdoors next to the truck.

How we test?

Offroadium Verdict & Score Explained

We have created our own rating and classification system to differentiate and evaluate the off-road capabilities of vehicles showcased on Offroadium. Based on it, we can conclude the following:

Off-Road Capability Score: 65/70

This customized Ford Raptor scores high marks in our off-road evaluation system, earning 65 out of 70 possible points. The 4WD drivetrain, oversized 37-inch tires and lift contribute 30 points. The rugged body-on-frame platform is worth 5 points. The low range earns another 10 points. Having a rear locker secures 10 points additionally. Upgraded bumpers and skid plates provide added protection akin to dedicated armor, yielding 5 more points

Being a lifted truck with 37″ tires, rugged body-on-frame platform, 4WD low range system, and rear locker, this Raptor scores very high. The upgraded bumpers/skid plates provide protection akin to armor. And its turbo V6 supplies extra power for high speed runs. Those looking to gain maximum 70/70 capability level for extreme off-roading may want to add an aftermarket front locker.

Complexity Level: Advanced

Major enhancements to critical systems like the engine, suspension, drivetrain, and exterior demonstrate this is no beginner build. High-end components and custom fabrication indicate significant expertise and financial investment required. We classify this extensively modified Raptor as an Advanced overland truck.

Budget: $$$$

While the base truck itself carries a hefty price tag, the owner doubled down with premium accessories and upgrades throughout. The custom intercooler kit, long travel suspension, 37” specialty tires on dedicated wheels, extensive lighting upgrades, roof and bed racks, on-board power system, and robust protection equipment represent a no-compromise approach.

With both labor and high-end parts adding up, we estimate this overland expedition Raptor likely demands a budget of at least $$$$. But for adventurers requiring maximum capability and self-reliance far off the beaten path, it promises immense capability per dollar spent once the blacktop ends.


  • Comes equipped for off-roading from the factory
  • Powerful twin-turbo V6 engine


  • Expensive purchase price
  • It could have the front locker

Author’s Opinion

As a mechanic, I believe the Raptor stands out as an exceptionally capable off-road platform. The components that enable its remarkable trail abilities like long travel suspension, locking rear differential, terrain management modes, massive tires, and robust drivetrain come standard straight from the factory. This makes building an highly competent overlander much simpler compared to upgrading a base model F-150 or similar truck.

While working on client Raptors and other Ford vehicles, I have noticed a few common issues to look out for:

  • Noisy sway bar end links
  • Turbocharged engines can suffer premature wear if oil changes were missed or extended
  • Make sure all recalls have been performed (ex: 21B10 cam phaser update)
  • Confirm no signs of heavy off-road abuse from previous owners

However, when properly maintained as Ford intended, I’ve found the Raptor as reliable as any other modern F-Series pickup. And installing larger 37″ tires requires fewer additional upgrades thanks to the truck’s existing off-road hardware. Before modifying or pushing limits off-road, address any maintenance items first and reference the factory service manual for repairs.

Overall if seeking a turnkey high performance overland rig it’s one of the best bets.

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  • Great looking Raptor. Was this build designed by a build shop or put together by the owner themself?

  • Good question, but unfortunately these details were not specified. As far as I know this rig was available for sale and most definitely found the new owner, so unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to find out. But yea, I agree, the truck is built very nicely. Only the add-ons that truly enhance the functionality, without being over the top.

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