Fuel Zephyr D633 Beadlock Wheels – Detailed Review

Fuel Zephyr D633 Beadlock wheels on Chevy Silverado Prerunner

Wheels are the key point of any offroad project, as properly selected application with aggressive tire tread can make a big difference in the 4×4 capabilities of any Jeep, truck or SUV. Today we want to share with you some details on brand new 2018 Fuel Zephyr D633 beadlock rims designed for the most extreme offroad activities.


One of the coolest things about these wheels is certainly the design. They remind gears of the analog mechanism with multiple cutouts and exposed rivets. Deep dish, lip makes them look perfect in combination with the tall profile offroad tires. Numerous cutouts, also play a big role in the weight saving, keeping it down at 36lbs.

Fuel prerunner wheels and tires for desert offroad trucks


Fuel Zephyr beadlock wheels are only available in 17×9″ size. It would be fair to assume that the manufacturer is clearly saying that these wheels are made for the real offroading and not intended for use with skinny tires often used by the fans of mall crawlers and brodozers.


The offset choice is limited to 1mm, which is nearly perfect for a wide track setup on Chevy Silverado HD.

Bolt pattern

It’s safe to say that these wheels are good for the majority of the modern vehicles used for off-roading and available in 5×5 and 6×5.5 bolt pattern configurations. Available center bores are 71.60 and 106.30.

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Fuel Zephyr beadlock wheels are rated at 2500lbs which means that they will easily stand up to the most extreme abuse.

If you want to find out more about the specs of this badass Chevy Silverado Prerunner that you see on the pictures – follow this link for a full feature post!

MODEL:FUEL - Zephyr D633
Type:Beadlock wheels
Offset:1 mm
Bolt patterns:5x5, 6x5.5
Center bore:71.60, 106.30
Finish:Matte Black

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