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Matt Grabli is a professional mechanic, experienced off-roader, writer and founder of Offroadium. With over 20 years immersed in the off-road community and 100,000+ miles logged on rugged trails across the Americas, Grabli shares extensive real-world knowledge. He previously worked as an automotive technician before shifting focus to specialty off-road projects. Grabli co-founded a 4×4 shop which provides custom vehicles and mods for overlanding. His passion is prepping capable rigs for offroading and helping others discover the thrill of far-flung expeditions.

My story

Like many, my passion for cars stems from my father. From a young age, I would linger with him in the garage, watching him fixing and maintaining cars into the late hours. Car magazines showcasing beautiful vehicles captivated me far more than books or cartoons ever could. This blossomed into an addiction where I would eagerly spend my pocket money on the latest issue of Car & Driver. This influenced my decision to pursue a career in automotive field, so I joined a local auto repair shop as a mechanic’s assistant and forged my way up to a professional ASE-certified mechanic.

Like many car enthusiasts in the early 2010s, “stance” and “street scene” dominated my interests, with websites like StanceNation and SpeedHunters as my biggest influences. However, after completing my street stance build, I realized my prized car, into which I had invested significant time and resources, was no longer fully drivable. The stiff suspension and inability to clear speed bumps limited where I could go, even road trips were unrealistic due to ride discomfort.

It was around then that I turned to off-road vehicles. Despite working with client trucks and Jeeps previously, I had not appreciated how well these vehicles aligned with my goals and lifestyle. They satisfied nearly everything on my wish list (except perhaps gas mileage) and opened new roads and destinations through enhanced capabilities versus the limitations of my previous build. I could apply my creativity, knowledge, and experience to improve drivability rather than hinder it.

This opened an exciting new world, from local camping to cross-state expeditions on scenic trails. Events like King of the Hammers and Overland Expo exposed me to the mature, side of automotive culture. My passion for vehicle modification, technical experience, writing skills, and interactions with owners of customized off-road rigs have inspired me to share my knowledge with like-minded enthusiasts on

My Off-road Rigs

I got my first taste of off-roading behind the wheel of a Subaru Forester SJ, testing it in environments from beach sand to muddy trails and heavy snow. For nearly a year I drove it stock, gradually modifying it until it could tackle trails alongside larger 4x4s, experiencing firsthand the benefits of certain upgrades.

But every AWD crossover has limits, prompting my progression to more dedicated off-road platforms like the Mitsubishi Montero, Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80, Jeep Wrangler JK, and Toyota Tacoma.

My primary modifications on most of these vehicles involved suspension lifts, all-terrain and mud-terrain tires, minor body protection, roof racks, and custom camping accessories to maximize time off-road.

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