The Newest EV Off road Truck – WOLF™ by Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation WOLF Electric truck

Almost a decade ago Tesla launched the mass production of their game-changing electric vehicles that impressed the entire world and convinced all skeptics that electric energy is the direction we must follow. Since that time, the passenger electric car segment is expanding with new car and SUV models pushing the automotive industry further into the future.

The idea of the electric off-road vehicle is in the air for a few years already but the majority of the prototypes like GMC Hummer, Bolinger, and Rivian still remain in the development stage. Alpha Motor Corporation is the new name in this game and it came up with a very promising concept of the unique retro-inspired compact pickup truck designed to meet the needs of drivers with an active lifestyle and sophisticated taste in cars.

Alpha Motor Corporation WOLF Electric truck with a roll bar

On August 24, 2021, the company presented the new electric off-road truck with a unique retro-inspired design and mind-blowing capabilities. It resembles the old Subaru Brat and Marty McFly’s Toyota PickUp at the same time and creates a strong nostalgia feeling. The cyber-punkish design combines both retro and futuristic styling elements making it look modern and 80s at the same time.

Alpha Motor Corporation WOLF side view door handles

Let’s make cool cars!

What appeals the most is the manufacturer’s desire to make a “cool car” that would impress and inspire just from the looks, and there is no doubt that it’s a win-win idea for many of us tired of seeing radical and sometimes over-the-top designs of late-model cars and trucks.

“So the Wolf (that’s what the model is called) is their vision of a cool truck built around green environment-friendly technology designed to meet all your transportation needs (including towing, hauling, and camping) and bring the unique cyber-punkish feel to everyday driving.”

Alpha Motor Corporation WOLF Electric truck bed with a roll pan

Off Road Capabilities

Just from the first looks, you realize, that this EV is built for offroading. Massive wheels with beefy M/T tires, bulge fenders, decent ground clearance, steel push bumpers, and auxiliary lighting in the stock form will impress any 4×4 fan.

Alpha Motor Corporation WOLF bull bar with driving lights

33 inch BFGoodrich mud tires


Getting inside the truck, you’ll find out that the 80s is the main design theme in this driver-friendly space. The Recaro-like brown, what looks to be leather, seats show the signs of sporty side support while the thin three-spoke steering wheel is promising intensive driving involvement. The whole aesthetics clearly resembles the design of premium European and domestic vehicles of the 70s and 80s.
Alpha Motor Corporation WOLF Electric Truck Driver's seat
Alpha Motor Corporation WOLF Electric truck recaro-like seats

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Latest models like Hyundai Veracruz and Ford Maverick prove that more people today want to have the convenience of a truck bed without sacrificing on compact city-friendly size and the newest Alpha trucks seem to fit this category perfectly well. Not sure if a 2-door truck would bring many sales to the company since it’s not as versatile as the 4-door 5 seater models, but Alpha has already addressed that concern with their Wolf+ (extended cab) and Superwolf (crew cab) versions of the truck.

truck bed

What’s left to us internet fans and critics is to cross our fingers and wait until the day when A.M.C. opens up the doors of their local dealerships and presents us the opportunity to test-drive their cool EVs. When this day comes, there may be much more people willing to change their hard-earned dollars for the keys of their brand new EV off road trucks…wait, keys are the thing of the past, at least the metal ones…well, you’ve got the point!

What are your thoughts about this truck and what price do you think would be fair for this kind of vehicle?
Express your opinion in the comments!

Find out more about the company and its unique retro-inspired vehicles on their website and social media!
IG: @alphamotorinc

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  • I really like the design of this truck, reminds me of my old T100 back in the college…why not if the price is right

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