Lifted BMW Z4 Rally-Style Off-road Project – CG by BradBuilds

Lifted BMW Z4 roadster rally style build

Offroad everything! It is one of the main challenges of modern CGI artists seeking to push the boundaries of the off-road scene. The desire to mix styles and vehicle classes creates radical but sometimes pretty awesome-looking concepts.

“This rugged machine on massive offroad wheels represents the mix of a Jeep Wrangler and a BMW Z4 roadster.”

BMW Z4 Offroad build

Even though huge 33″ mud tires and the monstrous lift could seriously improve the off-road capabilities, the RWD platform has got its limits, so a pair of traction boards attached to the trunk and the high-lift jack mounted on the hood could be there for a reason.

lifted bmw z4 offroading

Even with a clearance like this, the possibility of getting stuck still exists.
A set of traction boards and the hi-lift are the tried and tested tools in self-recovery, so having them on board is vitally important. A military-style camouflage tops off the image of this car and reflects the situation in the world.

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BMW Z4 off road project and rally build

Find out more about this BMW Z4 CGi render by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @bradbuilds!

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