Fitment Guide: Chevy K10 on 24×14 Rims Wrapped in M/T Mud Tires

lifted Chevy C/K 10 with LED headlights

Installing 24″ custom wheels on a classic Chevy K10 Square Body truck is a controversial topic for the purists, because they take away that classic aesthetic. But for the fans of custom lifted trucks, it can be an exciting and rewarding challenge. The 24″ wheels require a bigger lift kit than the more traditional 20″-22″ sizes due to the larger size of the wheel and tire combination. This means that you’ll need to install higher quality suspension components with greater travel range.

Squarebody chevy truck with a 6” rough country lift kit
Squarebody chevy truck with a 6” rough country lift kit and 24×14 custom wheels. Find out more about this truck in our special feature!

Additionally, you may need to upgrade the brakes and other components to handle the increased weight of the larger wheel and tire combination. It’s important that you take your time when selecting the right components for your truck, as the wrong parts could cause damage or create an unsafe driving experience. With the right setup, however, a classic Square Body can look incredible with the right 24″ wheel and tire combination. The result is a truck that stands out from the rest and turns heads wherever it goes!

Chevy K10 on 24s

Chevy K10 on 24x14 Rims Wrapped in M/T Mud Tires

Disadvanages to consider before installing 24″ wheels on a Chevy K10 include increased fuel consumption, reduced acceleration and braking performance, and of course tire wear if you choose beefy M/T tires.

Advantages of the 24″ rims are certainly the looks. You can choose from different styles, designs, sizes and finishes to match your truck’s theme. The extra wheel width also provides better handling and improved cornering stability.

Restored chevy V10 squarebody C/K silverado truck

Example of a 24×14 Wheel & Tire Combo
Keep in mind that 24×14 isn’t a great option for off-roading due to the low tire profile, which leaves pretty much no space to deflate. If you’re into off-roading 17 to 20″ wheels are much better options.

Oversized 24x14 rims in Mud terrain tires on a chevy truck

This particular truck sits on a set of 24×14 Specialty Forged SF007 wrapped in a 35×15.50 R24 Fury M/T tires that look simply amazing. Read our feature dedicated to this square body here.

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If you want to take your classic K10 to the next level with 24″ custom wheels, it can be a rewarding and exciting experience – just do your research and make sure that you use quality components! With the proper setup, the result will be a unique truck that stands out from the crowd.

Lifted squarebody chevy silverado c/k

Watch the progress and find out more about this Chevy K10 project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @evanmmonte!

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