Ford Ranger on 31s, 32″s, or 33 Inch Tires – What Lift and Wheels To Pick

Ford Ranger 31s, 32"s, or 33 Inch Tires – What Lift and Wheels To Pick

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to equip your 2nd or 3rd gen Ford Ranger with bigger offroad tires and choose the correct lift kit. While slightly bigger tires will work even on trucks with stock suspension without any problems, common off-road tire sizes like 33s or 35s will definitely require a lift.

We combined all useful information on lifting a Ford Ranger made for the US domestic market, along with detailed info on the tire sizes, wheel offsets, and lift heights.


ford ranger prerunner fenders bulge 4"
2nd Gen Ford Ranger with 35 inch tires and a Long Travel Pre Runner Suspension


Benefits of installing 31″, 32″ or 33″ tires on a Ford Ranger

Installing larger tires is the ultimate way to improve the off-road capabilities of any truck or SUV, because they improve the ground clearance, approach/departure angles, and widen the tracks. Besides they provide a larger ground contact point which maximizes the grip and improves traction. They will also improve the visual appeal of your truck, giving it a wider stance and beefier appearance.

  • Improved ground clearance
  • Improved approach and departure angles
  • Improved grip and traction
  • Better stability
  • Awesome looks


Nothing is perfect and so there are some disadvantages of running larger tires that you must be aware of. Bigger tires and a lift put more stress on the suspension components, which may require more frequent maintenance. They also raise the vehicle’s center of gravity, which slightly improves the body roll. Due to the improved overall wheel diameter, the speedometer readings will no longer be accurate.

  • Potentially more frequent maintenance of the suspension components
  • Improved body roll (with high lift)
  • Inaccurate speedometer readings
  • Gas mileage
Lifted Ford Ranger T6 on 33 inch All-terrain tires
Lifted Ford Ranger T6 on 33 inch All-terrain tires

Below is the list of factory equipped wheel sizes and comparison with bigger aftermarket tires

2004-2012 Ford Ranger Factory Tire sizes and their Equivalents in Inches

Metric tire sizesSizes in inches*Fitment
225/70R1527"Factory size
245/75R1630"Factory size
235/70R1630"Factory size
255/70R1630"Factory size

2019-2021 Ford Ranger Factory Tire sizes and their Equivalents in Inches

Metric tire sizesSizes in inches*Fitment
255/70R1630"Factory size
265/65R1731"Factory size
265/60R1831"Factory size
Based on the information provided on

Other common 31″ tire sizes

265/70/1631x10.43R16Modifications may be required
275/70/1631x10.83R16Modifications required

Common 32 inch tires 

255/75/1732x10.04R17Will not rub
265/75/1632x10.43R16Will not rub
275/70/1732x10.83R17Modifications required
Tire size comparison stock vs 32 inch tires
Stock vs 32 inch tires

Common 33 inch tires

255/85R1633x10.04R16Modifications required
255/85/1633x10.04R16Modifications required
255/80R1733x10.04R17Modifications required
255/80/1733x10.04R17Modifications required
33x10R1733x10R17Modifications required
285/75/1633x11.22R16Modifications required
285/70/1733x11.22R17Modifications required
305/70/1633x12.01R16Modifications required
305/65/1733x12.01R17Modifications required
Tire size comparison stock vs 33 inch tires
Stock vs 33 inch tires

Based on the Tire Size Comparison Visualizer at

Common 34 inch tires

285/75R1734x11.22R17Modifications required
285/75/1734x11.22R17Modifications required
305/70R1734x12.01R17Modifications required
305/70/1734x12.01R17Modifications required

Common 35 inch tires

35×12.50R1735×12.50R17Modifications required
315/75R1635x12.40R16Modifications required
Tire size comparison stock vs 35 inch tires
Stock vs 35 inch tires

All-Terrain or Mud-Terrain tires?

A properly selected wheel and tire package will extensively improve the off-road capabilities of your Ford Ranger. If you chose a lift kit, then most definitely it’s supplier provided you with a maximum available tire size for your model. Just follow the recommendations and choose A/T or M/T tires that fit in your budget. If you aren’t sure which tires to choose, check our M/T and A/T tire comparison.


  • Pros: All-Terrain is a universal type of off-road tire that performs perfectly in the sand, ok on gravel, ok in the snow, and bad in dirt and mud. Thanks to the less aggressive tire tread than M/Ts it behaves much better on concrete roads, providing a better gas mileage and quieter ride.
  • Cons: Useless in deep mud.


  • Pros: Mud Terrain is an advanced type of offroad tire, that works great on pretty much any terrain including mud, rocks, snow, and even sand.
  • Cons: Due to the aggressive tread patterns it doesn’t do great in terms of handling on paved roads. It’s a lot noisier and wears out faster.

What lift should I choose to install 33, 34, or 35-inch tires on a Ford Ranger?

There is a wide choice of aftermarket suspension lift kits available for Ford Ranger, starting from simple 1″ and 2″ space, up to 4-6″ long-travel suspension kits. You can read more about the basics of lifting your truck in this article.

  • Leveling kits & Spacers (no serious off-roading) 31-32″ tires
  • Body lift (no serious off-roading) 31-32″ tires
  • Full suspension Lift kits (good for serious off-roading) 33-35″ tires
  • Long travel suspension kits (hardcore off-roading, off-road racing) 33-35″ tires

Lets sum it up

Will 31″ tires fit on my Ford Ranger?

– Yes, they will fit without rubbing on both 2nd and 3rd gen trucks.
While 31s are slightly bigger than stock tires on the 2nd gen, there’s still enough room to fit them. On the other hand 31″” is the factory wheel size for the last generation Ranger, so they will not cause any problems at all.

Will 32″ tires fit my truck without modifications?

– No, these tires will most definiteley interfere with the suspension components of your truck and therefore require a lift and/or some trimming (intrusion beams). Basic spacer lift kit will do the job for you without any problems, yet if you want some good off-road performance, it’s recommended to get a complete suspension lift kit that will extend the shocks and improve damping.

*Even 35″s fit with certain modifications to the suspension and this lifted Ford Ranger Wildtrack T9 is good example.

Recommended Lift Kits

1st & 2nd Gen Ranger

3rd gen Ranger

4th Gen Ranger

*Since the suspension modifications and the installation of the oversized tires require advanced measurements and depend on many parameters, such as vehicle sub-model, trim level, state of the suspension components, aftermarket upgrades, etc., we highly recommend confirming fitment parameters for your particular vehicle with the sales representative of your lift and tire supplier before making a purchase. The recommendations in this article are presented for general informational purposes only, so we are not responsible for any problems with the wheel and tire fitment or any other damage that may occur to your vehicle.

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