GMC Hummer EV – the Ultimate Electric Pickup Truck or SUV

GMC Hummer EV lifted pickup truck

With the fast rise of electrically-powered vehicles started by Elon Musk and Tesla, it now becomes clear that the EV is the future. After the Cybertruck presentation, automakers got nervous, realizing that they are about to lose the last market share commonly dominated by gas-powered vehicles, and that is the pickup truck and full-size SUV segment.

GMC Hummer EV stock lift height

General Motors decided to address this issue by reviving the discontinued Hummer brand and offer a luxury-level off-road electric vehicle called the GMC Hummer EV. It will be offered in two versions – the pickup truck and SUV. The pickup variant was introduced to the public in October 2020 as a 2022 model. GMC gave it a very cool name: the Hummer Supertruck. The Hummer EV SUV presentation took place on April 3rd, 2021 announcing the start of production in early 2023 as a 2024 model.

GMC Hummer EV without roof open top

GMC Hummer EV without roof truck

The estimated range of the Hummer pickup truck at this point is about 350 miles, which is great for the vehicle that can generate 1000 horsepower and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. You’ll need to turn on the WTF mode for that (Watts To Freedom). The SUV version will produce 830 hp and reach the 60 mph speed in 3.5 seconds, but who can complain when you have a luxurious cabin with two rows of seats packed with all the latest innovations in automotive technologies making your trips safer and more enjoyable.

GMC Hummer EV interior dash with 3 LED full screens

The reason for the slight reduction in power and range for the SUV is in the fact that it comes with a shorter wheelbase than the pickup, which means the battery pack is also smaller. Both versions are available with a three electric motor setup – one at the front axle and two on each of the rear wheels.

GMC Hummer EV factory lift suspension
The suspension can lift up to provide more ground clearance. No aftermarket lift kit needed!

GMC Hummer EV rock craling

Off-road enthusiasts will be pleased to get an Extreme Off-Road package that includes the locking front differential and simulated locking differential at the back. As a result, you get a true 4WD setup that is also acting as AWD for ultimate traction. With instant torque from electric motors delivered to the ground, huge ground clearance, and adjustable air suspension, you will never get stuck no matter how challenging the trail might be.

“Using an innovative Crabwalk function, the GMC Hummer EV can move diagonally by turning all 4 wheels to help it maneuver in tight spaces. When compared to the truck, the Hummer EV SUV has a better approach, departure, and break-over angles due to its shorter wheelbase.”

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GMC Hummer EV front view

GMC Hummer EV spare tire

General Motors claims that it has better clearance right from the factory than anything else on the market today. When rolling over some large boulder, the driver can even look under the vehicle through 2 of the 17 exterior cameras to choose the best trajectory to clear the obstacle. Normally, it is possible to drive the EV using just one pedal and use the braking power of electric motors for regeneration, and for rock crawling and emergencies, there is a conventional brake pedal.

GMC Hummer EV removeable top roof panels

Some may say that the interior is also influenced by Tesla with two massive screens on the dash acting as a digital instrument cluster and center console touchscreen with 12.3-inch and 13.4-inch diagonal sizes respectively. With the stiffness provided by the battery pack at the base of the frame, GMC designers were able to incorporate removable roof panels. With the second-row seats folded, the cargo area sums up to 82 cubic feet. You have additional 9 cubic feet of storage space in the front trunk, so there is plenty of room for the gear. The hands-free mode will work on selected freeways. Honestly, the only downside that we could see in this vehicle is the fact that we have to wait at least two more years to get our hands on one.

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