Mercedes G-Class Unique Off road Bumper & Wide Body Design

Lifted Mercedes G-Class offroad bumper with a bush guard

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, or “G-Wagon” as it’s affectionately called, is no stranger to customization. This boxy, rugged SUV with incredible off-road capabilities has developed a cult following among enthusiasts who love to put their own spin on this iconic ride. Tuner and CGI designer Mo Aoun has taken G-Wagon personalization to the next level with his recent custom off road bumper creation that gives this beast of a vehicle an even more aggressive look.

Lifted Mercedes G-Classe with 40 inch wheels

Off Road Bumper With Angry Eye Grille Guard

The centerpiece of Mo Aoun’s custom bumper design is what he calls the “angry eye” grille guard. Unlike a traditional straight grille guard, his version has a pronounced curve in the middle section that resembles a scowling, angry eye. This styling dramatically transforms the face of the G-Wagon into something that looks ready to devour boulders and smaller vehicles that get in its way. The angry eye grille guard retains maximum protection and clearance for off-road terrain while adding a totally unique styling touch not seen on other G-Class builds.

Surrounding the angry eye itself, Aoun has crafted a full-width bumper replacement that integrates LED light bars, auxiliary lights, and a rugged raw steel skid plate to protect the G-Wagon’s vitals. The contrast of the matte black steel against the shiny chrome angry eye grille gives the entire front end an insanely aggressive demeanor. Just standing still, the truck looks like a predator poised to attack its prey on the trails.

Mercedes G63 AMG steel bumper

The rest of Aoun’s custom bumper design continues that angular, armored look. Thick corner guards help fend off obstacles, while built-in recovery points allow the G-Wagon to rescue lesser vehicles. Aoun’s vision takes the Mercedes SUV’s already formidable presence and cranks it all the way up to 11. The final creation looks less like a factory G-Wagon, and more like a post-apocalyptic vehicle ready to go to war.

While polarizing, you can’t deny that Aoun’s custom bumper gives this G-Class an identity all its own. The unique angry eye styling transforms the classic boxy shape into something that looks rageworthy and ready to take on anything the trail can throw at it. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but this angry G-Wagon definitely isn’t aiming to please. Its goal is to conquer – and with Aoun’s one-of-a-kind bumper leading the charge, it looks well equipped to do so.

G Wagon Wide Body Fenders

In addition to the aggressive front bumper design, Aoun has given his vision of the ultimate G-Wagon enhanced rear haunches reminiscent of the boxy fender flares on the classic BMW E30 M3.

These widened rear fenders provide ample clearance and space to accommodate massive oversized wheels and off-road tires, while retaining flowing lines that integrate beautifully with the standard G-Wagon body.

Avoiding tacked-on looks, the swollen rear quarters and flared front fenders give Aoun’s take on the icon a newfound stance and enhanced muscularity perfect for conquering the most rugged terrain while holding its own style-wise with top rally raid rigs.

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Lifted Mercedes G-Classe with offroad modifications


It’s no surprise that the end result of Aoun’s aggressive design would not impress G-Wagon purists. However, creative fans of hardcore off-roading might actually choose this eye-catching bumper and fender flare concept to fabricate a real, custom metal build for their own G-Class rigs.

While divisive, Aoun’s vision caters more toward the demanding extremes of deser off-roading rather than preserving factory Mercedes heritage. For those focused on high-clearance trail domination, this angry-eyed conversion shows intriguing potential as a starting point.

Love it or hate it, this render pushes boundaries and could spawn some wild real-world G-Wagon creations aimed at tackling the toughest terrain. Purists will scoff, but ambitious wheelers might make this angsty aesthetic a reality.

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