Lifted Mercedes W123 Overland Off-road Wagon

  • Model: 1980 Mercedes 300TD
  • Wheels: 31"
  • Category: Overland Wagon
  • Capability Score: 30/70
  • Build Level: Advanced
  • Mods Budget: $$$
Lifted Mercedes W123 off-road overland wagon with a roof top tent

There’s certainly something awesome about the Mercedes W123 design of the 70s, which made it one of the most popular executive cars in the day. It’s incredibly stylish appearance with elaborate details draws attention to this model till this day, so when I stumbled on the photos of a W123 wagon fitted with off-road upgrades I was immediately hooked.

The owner of this champagne gold 1980 Mercedes 300TD decided to convert it into an off-road camper that he could use to explore the great outdoors with his family. Inspired by other classic Mercedes builds and his love for wagons, he set out to build a unique and capable rig that would stand out on the trail.

Mercedes W123 Wagon on oversized  31" Off road All terrain Wheels with off-road lights
Heavily oversized 31×10.5R15 Off-road Tires

I previously owned a w126 sedan and was inspired by @golden_cedes. However I have a lot of children and a love for wagons so I figured why not build a sweet family camper off-road rig that me and my sons can enjoy and not be the same thing you see on the trail day in and day out.

To achieve this, he made significant modifications to the suspension, fitting coils from a W116 Mercedes up front and cut-down coils from a Ford Super Duty in the rear, along with a considerable amount of trimming to accommodate the massive 31×10.5R15 tires.

To further enhance its off-road capabilities, the owner welded the rear differential. Unfortunately, these classic Benzes did not come in an all-wheel-drive variant like the modern E-Class models, so welding the rear differential is a simple and cost-effective option to ensure that both rear wheels are spinning simultaneously, providing better traction on low-grip surfaces.

Mercedes W123 off-road build with a lift and off-road wheels
Build render

While the wagon interior offers ample space for gear storage, a sleeping area is also necessary for comfortable camping trips. There’s certainly no better way to arrange this than by setting a cool-looking roof-top tent on top of this champagne-gold wagon. The roof-top tent not only provides a comfortable and elevated sleeping space but also adds to the overall rugged and adventurous appearance of this wagon.

The vehicle is currently undergoing a full interior overhaul and the installation of a roll cage for added safety. With an off-road light bar completing the look, this lifted Mercedes 300TD W123 station wagon is set to become an eye-catching and capable off-road machine that the owner and his sons can enjoy the local trails in

Table of Contents

List of mods


  • OM617 turbocharged


  • 31×10.5r15 Tires
  • Beadlock Rims


  • W116 Mercedes up front
  • Cut-down coils from a Ford Super Duty in the rear


  • Hardshell roof top tent
  • LED light bar
Champagne-Gold Mercedes W123 off-road project with window stickers
Roof rack mounted on the rain gutters
Mercedes W123 Wagon with cut rear fenders and oversized 31 inch off-road tires
Gorgeous W123 wagon body lines and massive 31″ off-road wheels
Mercedes E-class Off-road wagon
The roof top tent and off-road lights are making this wagon look so awesome


In conclusion, this 1980 Mercedes 300TD W123 station wagon has been brilliantly transformed from a classic executive car into a unique and capable off-road wagon. The owner’s vision and extensive modifications, including suspension upgrades, a welded rear differential, rugged tires, and a roof-top tent, have created a vehicle that perfectly combines style, functionality, and adventure.

Off-road Capability Score: 30/70

This lifted RWD Mercedes 300TD unibody wagon, featuring oversized 31″ off-road tires (20 points) and a welded rear differential (+10 points), earns an off-road capability score of 30 out of 70 based on our off-road capability rating system. While the modifications significantly improve the wagon’s off-road performance compared to its stock form, the lack of a 4WD system, low-range gearing, and additional equipment like body armor and skid plates limit its overall capability in challenging terrain.

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Build Level: Advanced

The extensive modifications, including custom suspension, welded rear differential, and oversized tires, demonstrate significant upgrades to the vehicle’s off-road performance, classifying this build as an Advanced-level project.

Budget: $$$

The owner has invested significant resources into essential upgrades that directly impact off-road capability and functionality, placing the overall budget within the $$$ range.

Watch the progress and find out more about this Mercedes wagon by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @300td_overland

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