Top 5 Offroad Modified Mercedes Gwagons for Overland Expedition

Mercedes gwagen offroad modifications

In search of off-road vehicles for overland adventures, we rarely think about a Mercedes G-Class (also known as Gwagon or Gwagen), although it has everything one may ever need to conquer the most rugged trails.

Its brutal square box shape remains attractive for more than 40-years from its initial release back in 1979. Of course, throughout its production life, it was refreshed and modernized a couple of times, but the overall construction and design theme remained unchanged. The iconic four-wheel-drive system with lockers everywhere makes it truly unstoppable on all types of terrain, while Mercedes quality, gives you confidence behind the wheel.

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Mercedes gclass overland spec

The appearance of the Gwagon is truly phenomenal. There aren’t many models that remain on the market for such a long time and maintain stable demand among the customers. There is definitely something magical in its brutal appearance that combines edgy archaic design with a luxurious essence, which makes the Gwagon look outlandish and even threatening among the modern SUVs and crossovers.

Mercedes G-Class steel winch bumper
If you’ve been a fan of the off-road modified Mercedes G-Wagon than you will definitely appreciate the latest project completed by Platinum motorsports for one of their clients. The G550 has been completely repainted into the client selected military green color and equipped with classic off-road gear.

Throughout four generations of G-Class, Mercedes has extensively modernized the chassis, powerplants, safety features, and interior, however, the exterior remained more or less untouched, until 2018, when the second generation was revealed to the market.

It’s no wonder, that this vehicle gained huge popularity around the world among both off-road fans and luxury car owners. It became a symbol of rich and famous in Hollywood, the number one mafia car in Russia, and of course one of the most popular off-road vehicles in Western Europe.

We decided to showcase the top 5 Mercedes G wagons modified for off-roading to illustrate the most common mods and upgrades: wheels, suspension, and body armor.

Mercedes G-Class Convertible from Korea by @minguri_69

Mercedes G500 Convertible

3-Door Mercedes G32 with a stunning Blue Wrap by @mirrorimagecustoms

Mercedes G class with a viny wrap

White Mercedes G320 with off-road mods from Japan by @nextoneproject

Mercedes G class with off-road mods

Black Mercedes G63 AMG with off-road mods from Japan by @g_trading_g

Black Mercedes G63 with a roof rack

Mercedes G63 with a lift and off-road wheels

Mercedes G63 Squared conversion on Tibus portal axles by @pit26motorsports

Mercedes G Class offroad by Pit 26 Motorsports
Even though most of us think of the G-Wagon as a luxury performance SUV that never leaves concrete, it’s got a huge off-road potential and Mercedes has successfully proved it with their top-notch 4×4 squared and 6×6 squared models.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of lifted Mercedes Gwagons with offroad modifications. In case if you would like to check more about one of the vehicles from this post – find them on Instagram via the username provided.

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  • There is a guy in my high school that drives a 100k black Mercedes G63 AMG damn rich kids don’t know the proper way of modifying these bricks.

  • I just can’t imagine somebody taking a $100k benz out on the trails. I mean any chip or scratch will cost you way too much that it wood on a JK. Plus they they seem to have a way to high center of gravity which in my opinion can make it roll over, whers jk is much wider and stable.

  • Used Geländewagen is not that expensive here in Germany, in fact they are even cheaper than Jeep Wrangler, so I would say that you can call it a european Wrangler. You can pick one up for just about $5000, do some basic maintanance and take it up to the mountains. According to the license plates the green W460 is from eourope!

    • That’s very cool, I wish they were that cheap in US! And we definitely need more diesel power here

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