4″ Lifted Mercedes G400d CDI on 35 Inch Tires is an Overlander’s Dream

4" Lifted Mercedes G400d CDI on 35 Inch Tires is an Overlander's Dream

In the wild and wonderful world of off-roading, few vehicles inspire as much admiration as the mighty Mercedes G-Class, with its stout stance, formidable 4×4 capability, and an iconic design that has withstood the test of time. Today’s spotlight hones in on an exceptional 2001 European spec Mercedes G400, sporting a 4-inch lift, 35-inch off-road tires, and an arsenal of functional overland-style upgrades.

“This rugged beast was imported from Germany in 2017 and has since then carved its own unique path, courtesy of an owner who had a clear vision for off-road dominance”.

Silver Grey Mercedes G Wagon with off-road mods, black wheels and overland upgrades

Now, imagine that vision realized – this G400 not just off-roading, but conquering, displaying the perfect synergy between raw power and innovative enhancements. This is the essence of the Mercedes G400 we’re presenting to you, a marvel of the off-roading community that stands on the shoulders of its predecessors while boldly forging its own way.

Mercedes G400d CDI - Overland off-road build with exterior mods & expedition equipment

Why The Mercedes G-Class Shines in the Off-Roading Realm

Stepping back into the history, the Mercedes G-Class was initially developed for military use, where reliability and 4×4 capabilities were the order of the day. Fast forward to the present, and you can still see those core principles reflected in the modern G Wagon.

It’s rugged, reliable, and comes with a full set of lockers (front, rear, and central differential) making it a serious off-road machine. And who could overlook the timeless design, a blend of pure utilitarian charm and understated luxury?

IKamper RTT roof top tent mounted on a Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack

Lurking beneath the hood of this off-roading beast is a 4.0L V8 twin-turbo diesel engine that balances power and fuel efficiency in a way that would bring a smile to the most discerning off-road enthusiast.

But let’s be real, the G-Class isn’t cheap. It’s an indulgence, a testament to the passion of the classic 4×4 fans and overlanding, who are willing to shell out for the ultimate off-road machine.

iKemper hard shell roof top tent with side opening

About the G Wagon

Mercedes G400 emerged as a symbol of robust power, remarkable durability, and uncompromising performance. This particular 2001 model has the heart of a lion, a potent V8 twin-turbo diesel engine and ground-shifting torque. Paired with an impressive all-wheel drive, it’s the embodiment of all-terrain conquering force.

Over the years, this iconic model has held its ground in the face of changing trends and fleeting fads, building a cult following among off-road enthusiasts and luxury car lovers alike. The timeless design, the roaring power, and the promise of adventure make this model an undeniable classic.

Mercedes G Wagon Overland drawer kitchen setup and Quick pitch 270-degree awning and change room
Quick pitch 270-degree awning and change room

The Overland Build

Riding High: The Wheels

An overland build’s true grit can often be read by its wheels, and this G400 is a veritable open book. The 18” Alpha Equipt Echos, wrapped in 35” Yokohama M/T tires, give it a commandingly broad footprint on any terrain. To get a wider, more functional and stable stance, it’s equipped with a set of H&R wheel spacers.

Lifted Mercedes G-Class off-road build with snorkels and off-road modifications

ARB winch mount bumper from Land Cruiser 70 series bumper installed on a Mercedes G-Class G wagon with custom brackets.
ARB winch mount bumper from Land Cruiser 70 series bumper installed on a Mercedes G-Class G wagon with custom brackets.

Lifted Spirit: The Suspension

Propelling this G400 head and shoulders above the rest is a 4” lift with Koni shocks. This upgrade, along with the Eurowise front and rear adjustable panhard bars, extended stainless brake and locker lines, and the Fox steering stabilizer, turn rocky terrain into a cakewalk.

Off roading in a Mercedes G Wagon with 4x modifications

Armor Up: Body Armor & Off-road Accessories

As crucial as the skeleton and muscles are the shields and weapons. And this is where our G400 transforms into a medieval knight. Customized ARB 70 series Land Cruiser bumper, imported all the way from Australia, commands attention.

This unique addition, never officially built for the G-Wagon platform, fits flawlessly and is mounted directly onto the frame, improving the front end protection of the G Wagon in a dramatic way.

4: Lifted Mercedes G-Class on 35" Yokohama Mud terrain M/T Tires

Mercedes G-Class has made its way into the list of 5 Best Off Road SUVs Money Can Buy and proudly scored 129.5 points overall according our evaluation tests”.

An array of off-road essentials like the Warn winch, Baja Designs S2 pro fog lights, Quick pitch 270-degree awning, and change room, not to mention the IKamper roof top tent (RTT) and Front Runner Roof Rack, makes this G400 a roving fortress.

With dual snorkels, AMG flares painted Night black Magno protected in XPEL stealth, and G professional mirrors, it’s like an elite soldier ready for the battle of the wilderness.


Attribute Specification
Model Mercedes-Benz G-Class G 400 CDI
Production Years 02.2002 – 08.2006
Engine V-shaped, 8-cylinder, diesel engine with a volume of 4.0 liters OM 628 DE 40 LA
Horsepower 250 hp
Max Speed 182 km/h

Mods & Upgrades


Lift & Suspension Modifications

See Also

  • 4” lift including springs
  • Koni shocks
  • Eurowise front and rear adjustable panhard bars
  • Extended stainless brake and locker lines
  • Fox steering stabilizer

Wheels & Tires

  • H&R wheel spacers
  • 18” Alpha Equipt Echos wrapped in 35” Yokohama M/T and full-size spare

Body Armor & Off-road Accessories

  • ARB 70 series Landcruiser bumper imported from Australia
  • AMG flares painted Night black Magno and protected in XPEL stealth
  • Custom fabricated high clearance side steps
  • Warn winch
  • Baja Designs S2 pros wired up as the factory fog lights
  • Dual Snorkels

Quick pitch 270-degree awning and change room. Mercedes G-Class Overland expedition project

Mercedes G Class Swing out rear door barn door

Overland Gear

  • Quick pitch 270-degree awning and change room
  • Front Runner Roof Rack
  • IKamper RTT

Other Upgrades

    • New deep cycle battery
    • Webasto engine heater with internal timers
    • Blue Sea connections to power fridge and accessories
    • G professional mirrors

European spec Mercedes G-Class Interior

Mercedes G Class Front, center and rear differential locker buttons on the dash

Mercedes G Wagon offroading in send, dirt and rocks

To Conclude: A Unique Opportunity

There’s no mincing words here – this Mercedes G400 is one cool off-road build. If you’re yearning for a vehicle that embodies the spirit of adventure and innovation in the off-roading scene, this lifted Gwagon is it. And the best part? It’s up for grabs. Anybody interested in giving this machine a new home can reach out to the owner directly. There’s no time like the present to take the wheel of your future off-road adventures.

Watch the progress and find out more about this Mercedes G400 project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @notsostocko!

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