Porsche Cayenne S 955 – Best Model For Off-roading: 33″s, 3″ Lift & Rear Locking Differentials

Best Porsche Cayenne Offroad 955

Just a few years ago, a lifted Cayenne with overland-style mods looked like an odd-ball at any off-road meet, but thanks to the badass looks and trail-proven performance, these models developed a strong following on the off-road scene.

The owner of this sick-looking vinyl-wrapped Cayenne Turbo S is not new to off-roading by any means. His fully modded Toyota Tacoma served him as a reliable off-road tool for countless trail rides and 4×4 adventures, but at some point in his life, an idea to try a Cayenne has crossed his mind.

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Porsche Cayenne front bumper cut

Premium-level crossovers are cool for many reasons, as they combine the best qualities of performance sedans with the versatility and capabilities of 4×4 trucks and SUVs, which makes them more convenient and enjoyable for daily usage.

“Even though they’re often called soft-roaders, some Cayenne models are equipped with center and rear locking differentials in addition to the low range, which makes them just as capable on the rough terrain as the big 4x4s.”

Porsche Cayenne overland roof rack by Sherpaec

“In terms of interior comfort, performance, handling, and gas mileage, they outperform all body-on-frame trucks of the same price range. So, if you think about it, there are quite a lot of benefits in choosing one of such crossovers for your next offroad project.”

Porsche Cayenne rear bumper cut

Best Porsche Cayenne Model For Off roading

It started life as a grey metallic 2006 Porsche Cayenne S (955) with a V8 engine, air suspension, and the locking rear differential. It’s a perfect combo for off-roading because you get the coolest features Porsche had on offer back in the day.

Porsche Cayenne 955 offroad wheels


Although, it wasn’t meant to remain stock. After a few basic fixes, the owner decided to install a EurowisePerformance 3″ air suspension lift kit with sway bar link and tubular upper control arms to improve the ground clearance and fit a set of large 33″ off-road tires.

“A 25mm Eurowise 5×130 to 5×127 wheel adapter was installed to mount a set of KMC Terra Metallic Blue rims sized 17×8.5 with 0ET Offset.”

Porsche Cayenne 955 3" suspension lift by Eurowise Performance

“The rims are wrapped in massive 295/70/17 Renegade R/T tires, which required a lot of cutting here and there to get rid of rubbing.”

To liven up the appearance and improve the visual appeal it was DIY wrapped in a bright pink-grey-blue camo film, which turned out to be a pretty cool design solution.

“Ramstein roof rack by SHERPAec tops off the looks of this modified Cayenne in the best way possible and presents endless cargo mounting opportunities for the owner.”

Porsche Cayenne S 955 on 33s

Qustions & Answers

What do you like the most about your build
– I love the suspension setup, without it I wouldn’t have been able to have it perform and look the way it does.

What was the most difficult part of the build?
– Most difficult is the installation of the vinyl wrap.

Why a Cayenne rather than something more conventional?
– I had a Built Tacoma before and it was great and all, but I rather get and older vehicle plenty capable of what I do for off-roading and camping and still enjoy being out.

Best Porsche Cayenne for offroading

SPECS 2006 Porsche Cayenne S 955

– EurowisePerformance 3″ air suspension lift kit
– with sway bar link and tubular upper control arms

– 17×8.5 KMC Terra Metallic Blue rims with 0ET Offset
– 295/70/17 Renegade R/T tires

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– SHERPAec Rammstein roof rack
– Bumper cut
– DIY Viny Wrap

Watch the progress and find out more about this Porsche Cayenne S overland off-road project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @eurofoo!

Porsche Cayenne 17" rims and 33 inch tires

Related Parts & Mods

– Inspired by this Cayenne build and looking to prepare your own Porsche for off-road adventures? Our team has put together a list of products and accessories available online that may help you to achieve similar results:

Lift Kit (Only for Coil Suspensions)

Roof Rack

Roof Top Tent


P.S. If you want to install 33″s or larger tires and/or you have air suspension, you will need to find other lift solutions specific to your model.

*Before ordering any part or accessory, it is recommended that you verify its fitment with a qualified professional and/or seller. We are not responsible for fitment or other issues that may arise from using the products featured on our website.

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