Project Ramathorn – Kibbetech Dodge Ram Prerunner for Sale

Dodge Ram 1500 prerunner for kibbetech
This awesome Dodge Ram with Kibbetech prerunner suspension is up for sale, so if you were looking for a clean truck with more-than-stock capabilities, search no further. Wide stance, beefy tires, and functional suspension make it stand out from a crowd of other modified trucks on and off the pavement.

Break down on the specs:
2013 Ram 1500 60,000 miles 5.7 hemi 4×4. Kibbetech front suspension. The rear is stock 4 link with drop in Kings. The front diff was taken out for more travel down the road with 2wd. Still have the diff and extended front shafts. Has 2 kicker 10in comp r/t full kicker components. Kicker KX800.1 amp for subs and Kicker KX400.4 for the components. Kenwood touch screen as well. Truck is in great shape, inside is super clean. Truck was used by Fiberwerx to create the mold for the non-tt shortbread bedsides. Has method 17” dbl standard that could use new powder coat and Toyo r/t’s looking to get around $26,500 OBO truck is located in 48081 Contact the owner on IG @project_ramathorn

Dodge Ram 1500 prerunner for sale

Dodge ram 1500 on 35 inch tires

Dodge Ram prerunner kibbetech custom skid plate

Dodge ram desert truck

kibbetech ram prerunner for sale

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