OBS Ford Bronco Prerunner with Gen 1 Raptor Front End

Ford Bronco Prerunner - Project Braptor
Ford Bronco long base - Extended
Ford Bronco With F150 Raptor Front End Conversion
FOrd Bronco with large off-road Tires
Ford Bronco Trophy Truck +4
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This archive feature is dedicated to one of the most famous OBS Ford Bronco Prerunner with extended chassis and Fiberwerx Front end built by Jorman Raceworks, which took the internet and all social media platforms by storm back in 2018. The project named “Braptor” is as simple as it can be and literally tells you that you are about to witness an insane combination of the most badass trucks from Ford’s history – a 90’s Bronco and a 1st gen Raptor.

Ford Bronco With F150 Raptor Front End Conversion
Ford Bronco With F150 Raptor Front End Conversion

Why 2-door Full Size Trucks Died out

Large American station wagons, once widespread throughout the country, began to die out as a class in the late eighties. Who could have thought that the same fate would befall the nation’s favorite sport utility vehicles like the Ramcharger, Blazer, Tahoe and Bronco? Apparently, consumer interest in 5-door SUVs and crew cab trucks has killed the sales of full-size 3-door rigs, which is why Ford decided to discontinue the Bronco.

Despite its awesome design, powerful engine, and incredible off-road capabilities, nothing could revive its sales. This may be why Ford didn’t even attempt to re-enter the market with a new generation of the Bronco model for almost 30 years. However, the feeling of nostalgia for these legendary vehicles still lives on in the hearts of die-hard off-road enthusiasts and seems to be even stronger today. Perhaps this is exactly how the Braptor was born.

Ford Bronco 2018
Extended Length Ford Bronco race truck by Jorman Raceworks
Ford Bronco Trophy Truck
Ford Bronco Trophy Truck

The Build

The BRaptor concept is as simple as it can get – take design elements of a modern F-150 truck and combine them with the silhouette of the OBS Bronco. Many Ford enthusiasts have likely visualized this image in their minds countless times, but only a few individuals have been determined and resourceful enough to take on the challenge of building it in metal.

Extended Chassis Length

The team at Jorman Raceworks has created an exceptional Ford Bronco Prerunner, pushing the boundaries of traditional prerunner suspension conversions. During the build process, they realized that the chassis of an OBS (Old Body Style) Bronco was not perfect for high-speed desert racing due to its shorter wheelbase. To address this issue, they made the bold decision to extend the chassis by one foot.

This modification required the lengthening of various components, including the driveshaft, chassis, and body panels, to maintain proper proportions and functionality. The rear section of the vehicle was also slightly extended to accommodate the longer quarter panels seamlessly. The result is a well-balanced appearance, which is a rare achievement in custom projects and conversions of this nature.

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1st Gen Raptor Conversion

To further enhance the Bronco’s aesthetics and performance, the builders incorporated elements from the first-generation Ford Raptor. The front end now features the full Fiberwerx front clip with Raptor grille, headlights, hood, and extended bulge fenders. At the rear, the wide fenders have been masterfully integrated with Raptor tail lights, creating a cohesive and purposeful design that complements the extensively re-engineered Bronco rear end.

Ford Bronco Prerunner Fenders
Full 1st Gen Raptor conversion kit by Fiberwerx
OBS Bronco on BFGoodrich KR2 39×13.50r17 tires
The truck sits on BFGoodrich KR2 39×13.50r17 tires

Long Travel Suspension

The Ford Bronco has been extensively modified with a custom long travel suspension setup. The front suspension features a TTB long travel design with 24 inches of travel, utilizing King 2.5 coilovers, King 2.5 triple tube bypass shocks, and King 2.0 bumpstops. The rear suspension is a 4-link design, boasting an impressive 31 inches of travel. It is equipped with King 2.5 coilovers, King 3.0 bypass shocks, and King 2.0 bumpstops for optimal performance. The vehicle’s frame has been reinforced with a 2-inch chromoly cage for added strength and rigidity.

Mods & Upgrades


  • TTB front suspension 24″ of travel
  • King 2.5 coilovers
  • King 2.5 3 tube bypass shox
  • King 2.0 bumpstops
  • 4 link rear suspension 31″ of travel
  • King 2.5 coilovers
  • King 3.0 bypass shocks
  • King 2.0 bumpstops2″
  • 2″ chromoly cage
  • 1 ft longer wheelbase

Engine & Drivetrain

  • 7.5 big block motor
  • Freshly build c6 tranny
  • 10.5 chrysler full floater rearend
  • 4:56 gears


  • 5 BFGoodrich KR2 39×13.50r17 tires
  • 5 Method Race wheels


  • Fiberwerx Bronco to Raptor front clip grill and headlights
  • Custom fiberwerx stretch Bronco to Raptor bedsides and taillights
  • Modified frame rails to be able to lower ride height


  • Fiberwerx dashboardAutometer gauges
  • 7″ HD lowrance gps
  • Momo steering wheel
  • 3 Sparco EVO seats
  • Sparco harness
  • Optima battery
  • CnC brake pedals and master cylinder
FOrd Bronco with TTB front suspension 24″ of travel
TTB front suspension 24″ of travel
OBS Ford Bronco with 1 foot longer chassis
OBS Ford Bronco with 1 foot longer chassis
Full roll cage and custom front end by Fiberwerx
Full roll cage and custom front end by Fiberwerx


In conclusion, the BRaptor built by Jorman Raceworks is a masterpiece that shows ingenuity and skill of the builders who have successfully merged the iconic OBS Ford Bronco with a 1st gen Raptor design elements. The extensive modifications, including the lengthened chassis, custom long travel suspension, and powerful 7.5L big block engine, have transformed this short body SUV into a solid race truck. The BRaptor stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, expertise, and a vision for pushing boundaries come together in the world of off-road vehicle modifications.

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