Ford Ranger With F150 Raptor Front End Swap – How and Should you?

Ford Ranger With Ford F150 Raptor 2nd gen Front end (bumper grille and lights)

In the realm of truck modifications, daring endeavors often breed the most spectacular results. Picture this: a fusion between the compact, robust Ford Ranger and the fierce, unapologetically bold aesthetics of the Ford F150 Raptor. It’s an ambition that beckons the bravest of vehicle enthusiasts, tempting them with the prospect of crafting a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds – the agility of a Ranger paired with the predatory aesthetics of a Raptor.

Join us, as we unravel the potential of merging two titans of the truck world, in a bid to create a vehicle that emanates uniqueness and personal satisfaction, echoing the sentiments of hobbyists and professionals alike.

Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to satiate your aesthetic desires or a veteran in the modification arena seeking to push boundaries, this exploration promises a deep dive into an exciting, challenging, and potentially rewarding venture.

Black Ford Ranger With 13th Gen 2015+ Ford F150 Front End
This mini-Raptor commands respect and perfectly fits into a standard parking spot.

Gen 2 F150 Raptor Conversion

In Turkey, there’s a 4×4 shop named Lifted34 that has really got the hang of upgrading smaller trucks like the Ford Ranger. They mainly focus on giving these trucks a lift and fitting them with large off-road tires.

When I came across their Instagram page, I noticed that they had done some neat front end swaps, using the F150 Raptor style on Ford Rangers. These modified trucks don’t just have a new look; they’re also equipped with big 35″ tires and have been lifted by about 2-3 inches, giving them a balanced, sturdy appearance.

FOrd Range Body with bulge rear quarter panels from F150 Raptor
What caught my eye was how well the F150 Raptor front end meshed with the smaller body of the Ranger. In fact, if you’re not someone who knows trucks inside and out, you might even mistake them for original Raptors.
Ford Ranger with F150 Raptor Style LED taillights and rear bumper
This kind of modification could be a cool way for Ranger owners to enjoy the aggressive look of the Raptor without getting a new, larger truck. It’s clear that the team at Lifted34 has a knack for these kinds of modifications, and their work might be a good source of inspiration for truck enthusiasts looking for a fresh, bold take on their own vehicle.

Is it Possible to Install Genuine F150 Raptor Front End on a Base Ranger?

Installing a genuine F150 Raptor front end (including the hood, grille, front bumper, and front fenders) on a base Ford Ranger is technically possible, but due to the size difference (Ford Raptor Width: 86.3” or 2,190 mm vs Ford Ranger Width: 77,8” or 1976 mm) it would be a very involved and complex project due to several reasons:

  • Dimensional Differences: The Raptor is built on a larger platform compared to the Ranger. This means the hood, grille, bumper, and fenders from the Raptor would be larger than the corresponding parts on the Ranger. Adapting these components to fit the Ranger would require substantial modifications.
  • Mounting Points and Hardware: The mounting points for these components are likely to be different between the two vehicles. This might necessitate custom fabrications to create new mounting points or adaptors to fit the Raptor parts on the Ranger.
  • Cost: Genuine Raptor front-end parts can be quite expensive, and the labor costs for such a project would be significant as well, considering the custom work required to make everything fit properly.
  • Integration with Other Systems: Modern vehicles have various systems integrated into the front end, including lighting, sensors, and sometimes even radar for adaptive cruise control. These systems would all need to be adapted to work with the new front end, which could add further complexity to the project.

“Ford Raptor Width: 86.3” or 2,190 mm vs Ford Ranger Width: 77,8” or 1976 mm”.

Given these challenges, while such a project is technically possible, it would be a significant undertaking requiring expertise in vehicle modifications and a substantial budget. Before starting on a project like this, it would be advisable to consult with a professional who specializes in vehicle modifications to get a more accurate sense of the scope and potential costs.

Ford Ranger With Gen 2 Ford F150 Raptor grille, and pre-runner bumper.
Raptor Style front end conversions are pretty popular on the off-road scene. Throughout the years we featured various builds with such upgrades including the Bronco, Expedition, and 2nd Gen Rangers.

Aftermarket Model Specific Swap Kits

After doing an online research we soon found a couple of aftermarket solutions available for individuals looking to achieve the F150 Raptor look on a Ford Ranger. These swap-kits are generally designed to be compatible with the Ranger’s smaller frame and existing mounting points, compared to using genuine F150 Raptor parts.

For instance, this Australian shop offers a complete Ford Ranger to 2nd Gen F150 Raptor conversion kit, which comes with everything you may need for a successful swap for something about $3,200-$5,000:

  • New steel hood
  • 2x front fenders
  • 2x f-150 headlights with surround molding
  • New grill with Ford emblems and F150 style Amber LED lights
  • Front bumper with led driving/fog light inserts
  • A set of flares
  • Rear Raptor-style bulge quarter panels with filler cap extension
  • 2 x taillights
  • Tailgate skin with Ford Logo/emblem
  • All brackets and wiring for fitment
This Ranger with F150 front end looks pretty tough with 35 x 12.5 R20 Wheels
This Ranger with F150 front end looks pretty tough with 35 x 12.5 R20 Wheels

Based on the information above, we’ve come up with a list of pros on why such aftermarket kit might be a better choice for DIY swap:


Aftermarket kits are typically designed with the specific intention of being used on different vehicle platforms, including the Ranger. This means they are designed to fit more seamlessly without extensive modifications, saving time and potentially reducing the cost of the project.


Aftermarket solutions are often less expensive than genuine Ford parts, offering a more budget-friendly way to achieve the Raptor look on a Ranger.

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Customization Options

Aftermarket manufacturers often offer a range of customization options, allowing buyers to choose from different styles, finishes, and features to get exactly the look they want.

Easier Installation

Because aftermarket kits are designed to be compatible with the Ranger, the installation process is generally simpler and less time-consuming compared to trying to adapt genuine Raptor parts, which may require custom fabrication and adjustments.

Integrated Solutions

These kits often come with integrated solutions for adapting lighting, sensors, and other systems to work with the new front end, saving the hassle of trying to adapt these systems separately.

“However, it is important to note that the quality of aftermarket solutions can vary, and it is advisable to choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure a high-quality result. Before purchasing an aftermarket kit, it’s recommended to conduct thorough research, check reviews, and perhaps consult with a professional in vehicle modifications to get advice on the best solution for your project”.

Gen 3 Raptor Conversion for a Ford Ranger

Gen3 Raptor Front end conversion for Ford Ranger

Lifted Ford Ranger with Gen 3 Raptor Conversion on 35x12.5R20 Tires and a lift.
Lifted Ford Ranger with 2021+ Gen 3 Raptor Conversion on 35×12.5R20 Tires and a lift.


In conclusion, venturing into a project to graft the F150 Raptor’s aggressive front end onto a Ford Ranger can indeed be an exciting but challenging journey. While installing genuine Raptor components is technically possible, it comes with a considerable share of complexities, ranging from dimensional disparities to potential legal snags.

However, aftermarket solutions present a more streamlined and cost-effective avenue for enthusiasts to accomplish this transformation. These kits not only ensure compatibility and easier installation but also offer a range of customization options to suit individual preferences, potentially resulting in a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and road-legal modified Ranger.

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