Long Travel OBS Ford F150 Prerunner on 37s

OBS Ford F150 Prerunner 1994 with long travel suspension
Ford F150 prerunner racing in the desert
White obs ford F150 pre runner with camburg suspension and fox shocks
OBS Prerunner Ford F150 Supercab white
1994 Ford F150 obs prerunner flexing RWD long travel +3
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This is our archive feature dedicated to a 1994 OBS (Old Body Style) Ford F-150 Pre-runner by Christian Ewing from San Diego, CA. It’s one of the cleanest builds made on this truck platforms that we came across, so we couldn’t resist sharing it with our readers in 2024.

The Build

The rounded front end design of the 9th Gen Ford F-series trucks produced from 1992 till 1997 probably has a special place in the heart of every 80s-90s kid growing up in that era. Even with the release of each new modern iteration of the F150 trucks the love to OBS doesn’t seem to die-out. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Christian’s truck is in iconic OJ-white color attracts so much attention from the off-road community.

Second reason is most definitely the amount of modifications done to this truck on the way of converting it into a desert-worthy pre-runner.

Ford F150 prerunner racing in the desert
1994 OBS Ford F150 Prerunner built by Christian Ewing


As you may see from the pictures, this OBS Ford F150 Prerunner features extensive modifications in the suspension department. The front end utilizes a Camburg 4-inch over unequal length beam with Autofab beam mounts, paired with Camburg uniball spindles and 2.25 hubs for precise steering control.

A Richer Racing single swing steering system is employed for enhanced maneuverability. Fox 2.5×14″ coilovers with DSC adjusters, AGM spring dividers, and Hyperco springs provide excellent damping and ride height adjustability, while Fox 2.0×2.0 bump stops offer additional bottoming resistance.

The rear suspension consists of a custom Deaver spring under pack and Richer Racing leaf spring hangers, complemented by a Richer Racing under-the-bed shock mount kit and Fox 3.0×12″ 3-tube remote reservoir bypass shocks for optimal damping and wheel travel. The rear axle features a Camburg 3.5″ full floater housing with 35-spline axles, ensuring strength and durability. Stopping power is provided by Wilwood 4-piston calipers and rotors on all four corners, while a Strange 9″ 3rd member rounds out the drivetrain.


The aforementioned suspension modifications allowed Chris to install a set of 37×12.5×17 BFG KO2 tires, mounted on 17″ BTR beadlock wheels, ensuring secure tire-to-wheel attachment even at low air pressures, which is crucial for optimal off-road performance. To further enhance the strength and reliability of the wheel and tire setup, 5/8’s studs have been installed all the way around, providing a robust connection between the wheels and the hubs.


The exterior of the OBS Ford F150 Prerunner has been extensively modified to enhance both its appearance and functionality. Autofab “Vessel” fiberglass front fenders and bedsides have been installed, along with an Autofab fiberglass hood, giving the truck a distinctive and aggressive look while also reducing weight. Custom HID headlights improve visibility during night runs, while Baja Designs XL80’s mounted on the Richer Racing custom front bumper provide additional lighting for navigating treacherous off-road terrain. The rear of the truck features a Richer Racing custom rear bumper, equipped with Baja Designs Squadron lights, as well as a Baja Designs S2 dust light.

LineX has been applied to the insides of the front fenders, bedsides, and the entire bed, providing a durable, textured surface resistant to scratches and impacts. The bed of the truck has been outfitted with essential off-road gear, including a PowerTank for on-the-go tire inflation, a shovel, a full-size matching spare tire, and spare oil.

Engine & Trans

Under the hood, you’ll find a 302 5.0L V8 engine, which has been enhanced with a performance air intake and long tube headers to further improve exhaust flow and engine efficiency. A 3″ stainless steel exhaust system with an X-pipe ensures a throaty and aggressive sound.

To manage the increased power and torque, the transmission has been upgraded with a higher stall converter, allowing for improved off-the-line acceleration and better overall performance. An aftermarket transmission pan has been fitted to increase fluid capacity and cooling. Additionally, a CBR dual pass cooler has been installed to further enhance transmission cooling, minimizing the risk of overheating during extended off-road sessions.

OBS Prerunner Ford F150 Supercab white with Baja Designs XL80 lights on the front bumper
Baja Designs XL80 lights on the front bumper

List of Mods & Upgrades


  • 302 5.0L V8
  • Performance Air iIntake
  • Long tube headers
  • 3” stainless exhaust with X pipe
  • Higher stall converter
  • Aftermarket trans pan
  • CBR dual pass cooler


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  • 4” over Camburg unequal length beam
  • Autofab beam mounts
  • Camburg uniball spindles / 2.25 hubs
  • Richer Racing single swing steering
  • Fox 2.5×14” Coilover with DSC adjusters
  • AGM spring dividers
  • Hyperco springs
  • Fox 2.0×2.0 bump stops
  • Custom Deaver spring under pack
  • Richer Racing leaf spring hangers
  • Richer Racing under the bed shock mount kit
  • Fox 3.0×12” 3 tube remote resi bypass
  • Camburg 3.5” full floater housing 35 spline axles
  • Wilwood 4 piston calipers and rotors all the way around
  • Strange 9” 3rd member


  • 37×12.5×17 BFG KO2’s
  • 17” BTR beadlock wheels
  • 5/8’s studs all the way around

Exterior Mods

  • Autofab “Vessel” fiberglass front fenders
  • Autofab “Vessel” fiberglass bedsides
  • Autofab fiberglass hood
  • Custom HID Headlights
  • Baja Designs XL80 lights on the front bumper
  • Richer Racing custom front bumper
  • Richer Racing custom rear bumper
  • Baja Designs s2 dust light
  • Baja Designs Squadron lights in rear bumper
  • LineX on insides of front fenders and bedsides
  • LineX on the entire bed, 360 degrees
  • PowerTank, shovel
  • Full-size matching spare
  • Spare oil all mounted in the bed


  • Mastercraft Reclinable front seats
  • Kenwood 281A CB radio
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Custom headliner
  • Custom door panels
1994 Ford F150 obs prerunner flexing RWD long travel
1994 Ford F150 obs prerunner flexing RWD long travel
17” BTR Beadlock wheels and 37×12.5×17 BFG KO2 Tires
17” BTR Beadlock wheels and 37×12.5×17 BFG KO2 Tires
Custom long travel suspension flex
Custom long travel suspension flex
White obs ford F150 pre runner with camburg suspension and fox shocks
Custom tubular pre runner bumper with a skid plate and LED light bar
Fox 2.5×14” Coilover with DSC adjusters
Fox 2.5×14” Coilover with DSC adjusters
Ford F150 Prerunner interior with Sparco sport steering wheel
Sparco sport steering wheel


These engine and transmission modifications work in harmony with the advanced suspension components and exterior upgrades to create a formidable off-road machine that not only looks the part but also delivers uncompromising performance in the most challenging terrains.

Watch the progress and find out more about this Delica minivan by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @jhlee711

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