THE VANGUARD – International Scout II Prerunner CGi Project

Iternational Scout II prerunner

The world of off-road vehicles is incredibly diverse and counts dozens of types and classes. They range from small and light 4x4s like a Suzuki Samurai up to huge jacked-up mud boggers and lifted trucks, but there is one modification style that stands out in the crowd – desert trucks.

There are many variations of desert racing vehicles, but it’s safe to say that prerunners or Baja-style trucks are the most popular among them. The original body lines and proportions of these trucks are enhanced with complex long-travel suspension setups, widened exterior elements, and huge off-road wheels, that create an unmistakable appearance.

International Scout II prerunner The Vangance project

While the majority of pre-runners and desert trucks are built based on full-size truck platforms like F150 and Silverado, nothing can beat the projects based on vintage 4×4 platforms in terms of style and aesthetics.

Black International Scout II prerunner

Lifted International Scout II baja truck

The truck you see in the pictures was created by a CGi automotive artist Carlos Pecino aka colorsponge, from London, United Kingdom. He decided to combine the elegant body lines of a vintage 4×4 truck Internation Scout II with brutal elements of a modern desert truck and came up with a mind-boggling creation called THE VANGUARD.

International Scout II prerunner fenders and fiberglass front end

International Scout II fender flares

“Since I know @ashthorp, he is sharing his passion for big trucks and passing me constantly reference, pictures and crazy video about those Baja machines. Obviously, I couldn’t resist getting involved in this vast Baja universe with such an ambassador haha.”

International Scout 2 tubular off-road bumper Offroadium

“I’m super excited about this build, it’s super special because it’s the first time I’m doing something out of pure racing sports car, learning and adapting a new mind setup. At first, I was close to doing a Ford Bronco but in one of those chat brainstorming between Ash and me, back and forth on different options… Ash showed me a super slick and elegant Scout 2… and I knew immediately that it will be my next build: The Vanguard!”

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Wide stance, fiberglass front, and rear fenders, Coilover suspension, Fifteeteen 52 Tarmac HD rims, and BF Goodrich M/T tires make it look totally real.

International Scout 2 lift kit

The end result turned out to be very impressive, and I am sure that many off-road enthusiasts would love to see this vehicle in person.

Find more pictures and other details on this project in the Instagram profile of the owner!

IG: colorsponge
Behance: colorsponge

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