Beautifully Restored Toyota Land Cruiser 73 With a Soft Top

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 73 with tan soft top

We stumbled upon the pictures of this beautiful Copper-colored Toyota Land Cruiser Series 73 in the for sale section of a Spanish vintage car dealer Autosalón Valencia.

“Just like many California cars, it hasn’t seen rust or oxidization throughout its lifetime”

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 73 with bikini top

Just like many California cars, it hasn’t seen rust or oxidization throughout its lifetime, thanks to the mild Spanish climate. At some point in its life, the vehicle has gone through a major overhaul and restoration by the local shop which preserved the period-correct 4×4 aesthetics of the 90s and made this Land Cruiser road-worthy again.

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 73 black grille

White soft top covers the open portion of the Land Cruiser and perfectly matches with the unique Copper exterior color. The interior remained stock except for the seats, which were wrapped in a questionable two-tone diamond leather (we believe there should have been a more elegant solution to redo the seats).

“The original motor was replaced by the 125HP Japanese KZJ diesel motor to offer btrouble-free usage for many years to come. ”

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 73 dash panel

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 73 dual transfercase shifter

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As any proper Land Cruiser, this 73-Series Soft top seats on a set of 15″ off-road rims wrapped in BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires.

Wonder if it’s still for sale? Most likely not, but you can still contact the shop to figure it out! I am sure that it’s possible to ship it overseas if the budget is right.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series with round headlights

Land Cruiser 70 series round headlights

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  • I really like the exterior, but the seats make it look cheap. Some old-school recaros from an MK2 golf would make it so much better

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