Red Toyota Land Cruiser 70 SWB For Overland Adventures

Red Toyota Land Cruiser 70 overlander with winch Escape 9500lbs
Red Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with black grille and round headlights
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with a Hard shel roof top tent for overlanding
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series SWB
Red Toyota Land Cruiser 70 overlander with winch Escape 9500lbs +3
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The sight of a classic bright red Toyota Land Cruiser cruising down an off-road trail is one that conjures up images of adventure, durability, and vintage style. As I spoke with James, owner of this eye-catching custom overlander, his passion for creating an off-road vehicle suited for exploring nature’s hidden gems while retaining its retro charm was apparent.

Based on the iconic 70 series Land Cruiser, renowned worldwide for its go-anywhere capability and heritage design, James took it upon himself to turn his SWB (short wheel base) LC70 into the ultimate overlanding machine. One look at the striking red paint job and classic Toyota styling means it certainly stands out from the crowd and catches your eye. But it’s the meticulously planned modifications coupling modern upgrades with legendary Toyota toughness that allows this vintage 4×4 to confidently tackle rugged terrain.

Key Facts

  • Clean brightly colored heritage design of this SWB 70-Series pays homage to vintage Land Cruisers.
  • Clever storage solutions like the full-width rear drawer system and a Front Runner Slimline II roof rack maximize gear carrying capacity for trips off the beaten path.
  • This self-reliant 4×4 is built to navigate remote terrain while retaining the classic stylish Land Cruiser vibe.
Red Toyota Land Cruiser 70 off road camping

Land Cruiser 70 Series Build Specs

After discussing his build decisions, it was clear James carefully considered each add-on through the lens of function first while retaining the handsome Toyota looks. As an avid off-road enthusiast himself who’s conquered his share of precarious trails, he understands exactly what components matter most when traversing remote areas far from help.

Red Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with black grille and round headlights

Engine & Transmission

  • 5 speed R151 Manual Transmission (instead of factory G40 4-speed auto)
  • 2LT II (2nd edition) instead of the original 2L

Suspension Lift

  • Lift EMU Oldman heavy load springs (around 2-3″lift being the heavy load springs)
  • Front diff angle Castro correction


  • Tires 33s 285/75R16
  • Rim size 16×8, -25mm offset (with a 3cm spacer)

Overland gear

  • Custom rear drawer system
  • Front Runner Slimline II Roof rack


  • Toyota original color (red orange)
  • Air conditioning using a genuine evaporator found in Australia
  • Escape 9500lbs winch

Questions & Answers

Offroading in a lifted Toyota Land Cruiser 70

How did you get into off-roading?

I’ve always looked for different/new paths while exploring different places. During covid especially, my wife, myself and our lab would go out with the cruiser in search for new tracks to explore. When overlanding to different countries it’s always a treat to find new places to go especially if there’s a nice challenging track on the way. As much as I love off-roading we green lane most of the time.

Why did you choose a 70-Series Land Cruiser?

I picked the 70 Series SWB as I love the design, easy to work on, reliability and its charm. Toyota is a special brand for 4×4, especially the old ones…the 70 & 80 series are the sweet spot in my opinion. I would love to own an 80 series as well to enjoy longer trips with more room for a family.

What do you like the most about your 70-Series?

What I love the most is the design. Its charm reflects a lot on its era where 4x4s were simple yet unique in their own way. My 70 is red from factory. It’s a color that showcases the design a lot.

What inspired you to choose this Build style?

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There weren’t a lot of too hard mods that I did to be honest. With some thought and opinions from other people I did the stuff which I wanted to do.

Build Summary

Overland camping in a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 3-door

Suspension & Lift

To improve ride quality and increase ground clearance for off-road terrain, James installed a set of Oldman Emu heavy load springs which provide approximately 2-3 inches of lift. The stiffer heavy load springs prevent sagging under the weight of accessories and gear. James also did a castor correction for the front differential angle to reduce cv axle stress from the lift kit.

Castor correction bushes provide the ability to adjust camber so that you can ensure a reliable straight steering feel is maintained after adjusting the height of a vehicle.

Off-Road Wheels & Tires

The off-road capability comes from 33-inch 285/75R16 Maxxis tires offering increased traction and mounted on 16×8 wheels with -25 offset. The wheels have added clearance due to 3cm spacers allowing the larger tires to fit without rubbing.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with a Hard shel roof top tent for overlanding

Overland Gear

For self-reliant overland adventures, James outfitted his 70 series with ample storage via a full-width rear drawer system providing access through the tailgate. Gear and shelter is provided with a hard shell roof top tent mounted on a Slimline II roof rack from Front Runner.

Other Upgrades

Attention was paid to retain the classic heritage design by utilizing the original Toyota orange-red color. Cabin comfort comes from the addition of a factory air conditioning system. James also opted for the newer 5-speed R151 manual transmission coupled with the improved 2LT-II motor for better driveability. A 9,500 lb winch rounds out the upgrades providing peace of mind.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series SWB


James’ brilliant red LC70 is a head-turning example of blending old-school Land Cruiser heritage styling with modern overland equipment to create the ultimate adventure  machine. By only adding purpose-built upgrades that maximize function, reliability is uncompromised allowing for conquering distant trails confidently.

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