Old School JDM Toyota Land Cruiser 80 from Japan on 35s & 2″ Lift

Old School JDM Toyota Land Cruiser 80 from Japan on 35s rock crawling

Despite being outclassed in size by giants like the Chevy Tahoe, the Toyota Land Cruiser 80, which was sold as the Lexus LX450 in the United States in the ’90s, has earned an unshakeable spot in the hearts of off-roading enthusiasts.

This machine’s allure transcends geographical and cultural barriers, with its unrelenting popularity holding strong in the land of its birth, Japan, where its robust design seems almost incongruous with the nation’s immaculate concrete streets. Yet, against all odds, the Land Cruiser 80 continues to grow its dedicated fanbase, promising a love story that’s nowhere near its final chapter.

Black Toyota Land Cruiser with square 4x6" LED headlights, Raptor style amber LED signal lights and custom grille

Now, you may ask, what gives this SUV such an edge? Is it its design, performance, or that elusive X factor? As with all great narratives, it’s a bit of everything. At its core, the Land Cruiser 80 is a workhorse, designed to take on the most demanding terrains with an unruffled dignity that only a seasoned off-roader can muster. Its off-road capabilities are stellar, offering an exhilarating mix of reliability and resilience that’s hard to find in its contemporaries. Its performance, however, is only part of the appeal.

“the Land Cruiser 80 is a workhorse, designed to take on the most demanding terrains with an unruffled dignity that only a seasoned off-roader can muster”.

JDM Style hood mount mirrors on Toyota LC FJ80

The Land Cruiser 80, in many ways, harks back to the end of an era – the analog era. Its design reflects a simplicity that’s both nostalgic and iconic, having influenced all succeeding generations of the Land Cruiser model. The full-bodied figure, sturdy and unapologetically utilitarian, has become a trademark of the model, setting it apart in a sea of modern, digitally-inspired designs. It’s an homage to a time when hands met steel, dirt, and oil – a time when driving was a more tactile, intimate affair.

Toyota Land Cruiser rock crawler with mud tires

About the Model

The Toyota Land Cruiser 80, in production from 1990 to 1997, is the fourth generation of the Land Cruiser series. At its heart, it houses a 4.5-liter 1FZ engine that gives out around 212 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. It comes with an all-wheel-drive system that’s perfect for off-roading and a locking center differential, giving it an added edge on tough terrains.

What sets the Land Cruiser 80 apart is its front and rear axle lockers and Limited Slip Differential (LSD). These features make it a true 4×4, allowing drivers to navigate through rough terrains with relative ease. With off-road wheel sizes that range from 33 to 40 inches, this beast can take on just about anything you throw at it.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 on Maxxis Creepy Crawler M8090 LT 35×12.5R16
When it comes to the suspension, the Land Cruiser boasts a 2-inch lift, with an additional 1-inch from the tires. This 3-inch lift in total gives the SUV an imposing stance and enhances its ground clearance, allowing it to tackle larger obstacles.

A Closer Look at the Design Performance and Capability

As we delve deeper into the world of the Land Cruiser 80, we meet Yuto from Osaka, Japan, the proud owner of a custom lifted Toyota Land Cruiser 80 on 35” off-road tires.

“This Land Cruiser, to start with, rides on Maxxis Creepy Crawler M8090 LT 35×12.5R16 wheels, with a size of 16×10 inches. These tires are renowned for their off-road capabilities, offering superb traction on rocky terrains”.

Yuto’s Land Cruiser 80 comes equipped with various JDM exterior accessories that lend it a distinctive character. The bumper is a custom one-off piece, which blends seamlessly with the wide bolt-on fender flares. The SUV also features old-school 4×6” square headlights and Raptor-style Amber LED signal lights, exuding a rugged charm. The blacked-out grille rounds off the overall look, adding a modern touch to the vintage aesthetic.

Vintage Off-road Toyota Land Cruiser 80 community in Japan


In the realm of off-roading, the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 remains a timeless classic. Its design, durability, and off-road capabilities make it an unmissable figure in the history of 4×4 vehicles. Yuto’s custom Land Cruiser 80 is a testament to this fact, capturing the essence of the model while adding a touch of individuality. As we continue to embrace a digital world, vehicles like the Land Cruiser 80 serve as a reminder of a past that still resonates strongly with automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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Blacked out toyota Land Cruiser FJ 80 with amber turn signals

Specs & Mods:


  • Maxxis Creepy Crawler M8090 LT 35×12.5R16
  • Wheel size is 16×10 inches!


  • 2 inches of lift.
  • +1 inch on the tire so about 3 inches total.


  • The bumper is a custom one-off
  • Old school 4×6” square headlights
  • Raptor-style Amber LED signal lights
  • Wide Bolt-on Fender Flares
  • Blacked-out grille

Badass Toyota Land Cruiser 80 with custom ARB off-road front bumper

Watch the progress and find out more about this Land Cruiser 80 project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @yuuto_cruiser80!

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