Classy Squarebody Chevy Suburban Off road & Overland Build

  • Vehicle: 1986 Chevy Suburban Squarebody
  • Style: Overland Off-Road Build
  • Type: Classic 4x4
  • Owner: Treeno
Lifted Square Body Chevy Suburban on 35 Inch Wheels
Old school Chevy Trucks
17” American Racing Outlaw II wheels with 10” offset on Chevrolet Suburban
Lifted Square Body Chevy Suburban on 35 Inch Wheels
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The iconic square body Chevy Suburban has long been a legend among off-roading enthusiasts. When embarking on an overlanding adventure, you need a rig that can handle traversing remote terrain while hauling ample cargo and supplies. For Trino, this beautifully restored 1986 square body Suburban is the perfect overland platform.

Having grown up around his dad’s Suburbans, Trino had an affinity for these classic GM trucks. “I really liked his ’87 diesel he had when I was younger,” Trino fondly recalls. When the opportunity arose, Trino snapped up this ’86 model 6.2L diesel example. He appreciated its straightforward square body lines, rear roll-down window, and stout underlying capability.

17” American Racing Outlaw II wheels with 10” offset on Chevrolet Suburban

Overland Off-Road Build Summary

To transform it into a more competent overlander, Trino installed a Banks Sidewinder turbo kit to give the engine a helpful boost of power. This enables the Suburban to keep pace on long highway drives between adventurous off-road detours. Upgraded suspension is also key for traversing uneven terrain, so a 6” Skyjacker lift kit improves ground clearance. Room for 35” all-terrain Nitto Trail Grappler tires gives the rig a more aggressive stance and traction in soft or loose dirt.

Complemented by lockable 4×4 drivetrain, this Suburban has impressive slow-speed prowess conquering rocky trails and climbing grades lesser vehicles would struggle with. Yet it retains comforts like bench seating and power windows that make days-long excursions enjoyable. For Trino, it’s the best of both worlds for two-lane blacktops and two-tracks alike.

Chevy Suburban Square Body Roof Rack and Off-road Lights

Built for Self-Reliance in the Backcountry

When embarking on extended overlanding trips, the Suburban’s vast cargo capacity enables bringing all necessary gear. The custom roof rack allows securely mounting auxiliary fuel and water tanks, traction boards, camping equipment, and provisions. An array of five Hella spotlights ensures visibility exploring remote two-tracks after dark.

The onboard air compressor and onboard water tank with exterior sprayer nozzle provide key amenities while far from civilization. With the rear bench seats folded down, there is room to sleep out of the elements without pitching a tent. Yet the tan upholstery retains a comfortable aesthetic for daily driving too.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack On Chevy Suburban / Tahoe

Upgraded electrical components ensure all accessories and lighting run efficiently off the alternators and multiple batteries. The auxiliary dual battery setup prevents getting stranded with a dead battery miles from help. Such capabilities make this Suburban primed for excursions ranging from weekend trips to extended months-long journeys beyond the beaten path.

A Capable Overlander Cloaked in Classic Style

Yet the custom teal and white paint scheme retains the iconic Suburban’s utilitarian style. The overall package blends vintage charm with modern drivability and off-road enhancements. Form and function strike an ideal balance, creating Trino’s ideal overlander. For other enthusiasts seeking a classic SUV to transform into a highly personalized adventure rig, this Suburban serves as an outstanding example to emulate.

Lifted Square Body Chevy Suburban Specs

Year/Make/Model:1986 Chevy Suburban
Engine:6.2 Diesel with Banks Sidewinder Turbo Kit
Suspension:Skyjacker 6" suspension lift, Steering shock absorbers
Rims:17” American Racing Outlaw II wheels with a 10mm offset
Tires:35” x 12.5” Nitto Trail Grappler
Lights:5 roof-mount Hella round spotlights

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Trino’s custom overland square body Suburban beautifully combines capability and classic charm. His passion for these iconic GM trucks is clear, taking a square body ’86 diesel model and comprehensively transforming it into a fully-built backcountry cruiser.

6" Lifted Square Body Chevy Suburban white and green

Strategically upgrading the engine and suspension enables confidently conquering rugged trails, while expanded cargo room fits all the gear to camp remotely for weeks. Custom touches like the retro paint and upgraded sound retain daily drivability too. Finding that perfect balance between form and function is no easy task, but the cohesive execution here shows Trino’s vision brought to life.

For fellow enthusiasts seeking inspiration, this Suburban build hits all the right notes. Leveraging the square-body platform’s strengths while upgrading its few weaknesses results in an ideal off road build. Yet that custom style ensures it still stands out from any modern truck. After relishing my own days behind the wheel, I can’t wait to see where Trino’s wanderlust takes him next. When embarking on ambitious projects like this, realizing the end result must feel as rewarding as summiting Everest.
IG username: Treeno.

35" Nitto Trailgrapler off-road wheels on Chevy Suburban

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