Lifted Mercedes GLK350 with offroad modifications

Lifted Mercedes GLK350 with Offroad Modifications – Little Benz Goes Camping

Offroading has become a popular activity not only among the owners of the big 4x4s…

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Modified Mercedes GLA with offroad wheels

Mercedes GLA Lift Kit & Off-road Mods: A/T Wheels, Roof Rack & Other

We don’t often see a Mercedes with off-road modifications, especially in Japan, but when we…

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Latest Posts About Lifted Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes proudly belongs to the upper-class vehicles no matter if it’s a small sedan or a top of the line SUV. This status has been earned for more than hundred years of unstoppable development and cutting edge technologies that revolutionize the automotive industry with the release of every new generation of their iconic models.

Mercedes G-class is certainly the most interesting model for an off-road enthusiast thanks to the bulletproof reputation, bold style, and impressive 4×4 qualities. The first generation of this model has been released in 1979 as a spartan military vehicle and remained in production with minimal changes until 2018 when the 2nd generation of the G-Class has entered the market.

Throughout the years it has evolved into an ultimate world-class luxury SUV, but despite this fact, it never lost the brutal character and genuine 4×4 DNA. Perhaps that’s why it became an icon for such a big number of fans all around the world.

Lifting a Mercedes G-wagon

Powerful V8 and V12 turbocharged engines have made the top models of the G-Wagon like G55 and G63 popular among the fans of the luxury performance SUVs. These models are mostly used as on-road vehicles and rarely leave the concrete roads, although today we keep seeing more and more of the G-Class owners returning to the off-road roots of this model and upgrading them with popular 4×4 mods such as beefy tires, lift, roof racks, steel bumpers, and winches. Read more about lifting and portal axle lift kits for G wagon.