Lifted VW Transporter T6 Off Road Overland Van from Germany

Lifted VW transporter T6 Overland off Road build

As an avid off-roader and overland enthusiast myself, I’m always eager to discover new custom vehicle builds that allow adventurers to venture farther off the beaten path. So when I recently connected with Volker, the proud owner of an off-road modified Volkswagen Transporter T6 camper, I jumped at the chance to learn more. Based in Germany, Volker designed his T6 camper conversion specifically for tackling rugged terrain during extended overland journeys to remote destinations across Europe and beyond.

In my experience modifying a variety of SUVs, trucks, and vans for off-road use, the keys are always functionality and purpose – selecting upgrades that truly improve capability while withstanding punishing conditions. So I was curious what modifications Volker made to transform his T6 from everyday passenger van into a fully self-sufficient overland explorer. As we’ll see, some of his component choices definitely opened my eyes to new possibilities regarding these vans.

Key Takaways

  • Volker chose lifted suspension, transmission adaptations, and All-Terrain tires specifically to improve off-road capability.
  • VW T6 camper maintains everyday comfort and usability around town despite its strengthened components.
  • Proper cargo storage like racks, boxes, and awnings enables extended stays away from civilization while overlanding in remote areas.
  • Aspiring overlanders can follow Volker’s successful T6 camper formula as the foundation for their own custom project.
  • VW Transporter T6 Overland Build 
Lifted Volkswagen Transporter T6 off road overland van with rhino rack sunseeker awning

VW Transporter Off Road Build

For anyone looking to build their own expedition campervan, Volker’s T6 provides an outstanding blueprint to follow. You’ll find his specific upgrades broken down step-by-step below. Use his design decisions as inspiration when plotting your own overland voyages, whether close to home or crossing continents, as you follow your own wanderlust.


  • 150HP
  • 4 motion all wheel drive
  • Differential lock
  • The manual transmission has been changed to fit the tire size


  • BF Goodrich All Terrain 245/70R17 (31″ Tires)
  • TwinMonotube Rims

Overland Gear

  • Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack with LED lights
  • Rhino Rack Sunseeker side awning
  • Solar cells
  • German Army storage box

Interior & Exterior

  • Custom-cut windows
  • Overland storage setup

Questions & Answers with the Owner

Off road camping with a VW transporter T6 caravelle

How did you get into off-roading?

I lived next to a military training area as a child and the vehicles fascinated me from day one.

What do you like the most about your VW Bus?

The Bulli is in my eyes the best compromise between motorhome and off-road vehicle.

What inspired you to choose this Build style?

That I can use the vehicle both in everyday life and on vacation. He is always fully equipped, so that I can make trips into nature at any time.

What was the most difficult part of the build?

It had cost me a lot of overcoming to cut the holes for the windows in the new car. But after the first hole, it was no longer a problem

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The chassis with dampers and springs was of course also replaced. The manual transmission has been changed to fit the tire size. Of course the car is not finished yet, at the moment I’m changing the air intake. He now gets a snorkel.

Volker IG @fritz4x4

Build Summary

VW transporter T6 off roading on 245/70R17 BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires T/A KO2

Suspension & Lift

To improve off-road capability and accommodate larger tires, Volker upgraded the T6’s suspension with heavy duty shocks and springs. He also adapted the manual transmission to properly fit the 31” BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires. These crucial upgrades allow the camper to flex and articulate through rough terrain without damage.

Off-Road Wheels & Tires

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires provide additional sidewall strength and tread depth to traverse mud, sand, and rocks. Mounted on TwinMonotube wheels, the 31” tires clear the widened wheel wells thanks to a 3” suspension lift.

VW transporter T6 Overland kitchen and storage drawers

Exterior & Interior Upgrades

Custom-cut windows open up the living space while maintaining structural integrity. Volker also added extensive storage with a roof-top Front Runner rack and an integrated Rhino-Rack awning for shade. The military storage box provides lockable, waterproof capacity for gear and supplies during extended journeys into the wilderness.

VW transporter T6 modified for offroading with lifted suspension and A/T tires in Germany


Volker’s modifications check all the boxes for a self-reliant, go-anywhere overland vehicle. The upgraded suspension, aggressive tires, and expanded cargo capacity ready his T6 for off-grid adventures while still retaining everyday drivability. His custom camper build reflects the ideal balance between overland exploration and van living. 

For more inspiration, be sure to read our in-depth feature on a lifted VW T3 overland build as well as our extensive articles covering vanlife and overlanding essentials. Wherever your wanderlust leads, we’ll provide the roadmap to get you there!

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