A Lifted Honda Fit Modified for Off-roading – Compact Overland Build

  • Vehicle: Honda Fit
  • Style: Overland / Off-road Build
  • Owner: Jeff Palma
  • Build Level: Advanced
  • Off-road Capabilities: 2/5*
  • Budget: $$$$
  • Location: Bellflower, California
Lifted Honda Fit Battlewagon on Xxr 527 16x8 0 offset and kenda klever mud tire 245 75r16 thumb

At first glance, you may not recognize the lifted vehicle in the photos as a Honda Fit. But yes, this is indeed a late model Honda Fit (also known as Jazz in some markets) that has been radically transformed by its owner, Jeff Palma, from Bellflower, California into a compact overland off-roader.

While the front-wheel drive Fit may seem an unlikely candidate for off-road modifications due to its low ride height and lack of all-terrain pedigree, Jeff’s creative vision, passion for the outdoors, and carefully selected upgrades have turned this economy car into a rugged, mean-looking ride that looks ready to take on a variety of terrain.

Unlike Subaru’s popular Crosstrek model that has a cult following for its adventure-readiness, few have seen the potential of the Fit platform for custom off-road builds. But with the right set of modifications to improve ground clearance, traction, body protection, cargo capacity, and more, Jeff shows just how this petite Honda can be transformed into a budget overlander.

Key Facts

  • The off-road build started after the vehicle was damaged in a collision
  • 4″ Lift & 30″ Mud Tires
  • Jeff used many universal off-road parts adjusted them to fit his Honda Fit.
Battlewagon lifted Honda Fit 2.5 inch front 4 inch rear Just lift spacer
Among the exterior modifications are the custom winch-mount steel bumper with an improved approach and departure angles, pocket style fender flares with rivets, hatch-mount full-size spare tire carrier, functional snorkel, and an overland-style roof rack.

Off Road Build

Lift height and suspension modifications

  • 2.5-inch front & 4 inch rear Just lift spacer

Wheel specs

  • XXT 527 16×8.25 +0 offset
  • Kenda Klever mud tire 245/75r16

Exterior mods

  • eBay brand roof rack & basket
  • custom steel front bumper with Smittybuit XRC 4000lbs winch
  • KC daylighter
  • custom wheel rack
  • custom Jerry can rack,
  • custom steel rock sliders
  • eTrailer tow hitch
  • Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee fender flares
  • some eBay lights


  • Item

Roof Rack

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To ensure proper fit and compatibility, we recommend you verify any selected parts or accessories with a qualified professional or seller prior to ordering.

Honda Fit Battlewagon on offroad tires

Lift Kit

Honda Fit Custom battle wagon style steel bumper with a winch

To significantly improve the Fit’s modest 6.7 inches of standard ground clearance, Jeff installed a custom 2.5 inch front and 4 inch rear lift kit using strut spacers. This boosted him to a much more capable 9.2 inches of clearance that will allow the Fit to traverse rocky trails and obstacles that would easily bottom out the stock ride height.

While some may consider Jeff’s lift extreme on such a small car, there are options for slightly more subtle lifts for those looking for improved clearance without a radical stance change. The Dealparts Leveling Lift Kits that provide 1.2 or 1.6 inches of lift are popular and affordable options in the Fit community. But for his goal of maximizing off-road traction and opening up more possibilities on unmaintained backcountry roads, Jeff’s custom spacers give him the extra inches needed while maintaining stable geometry thanks to the matched front and rear lift heights.

Lifted Honda Fit FWD offroad and overlanding

About the Owner

We reached out to Jeff directly to find out more details about his crazy Honda Jazz battlewagon.

There are life-changing moments, that make us look at the common things from the new angles, and sometimes, these moments aren’t caused by nice things. Some time ago, Jeff was unfortunate to get into a car accident, but it soon helped him to realize that life is too short and we should enjoy it while we can.

He didn’t have an intention to modify his brand new Honda Fit until he met a fully prepped overland SUV. He was struck with the idea of getting out in the wild and exploring the world around him. Needless to say, his little hatchback wasn’t a perfect match for this kind of task in the stock form, but it didn’t stop Jeff from following his new dream, and the modification process has begun.

Honda Fit spare tire carrier and overland roof rack

One of the biggest challenges that he faced was the fact that no one has ever built an off-road-ready Honda Fit, which meant that there were no aftermarket solutions or bolt-on parts to use, and so he had to fabricate his own. Despite that, after a long path of trial and error, he finally managed to put everything together and turn his compact hatchback into an off-road capable battlewagon!

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Thanks to all of the modifications in the suspension/drivetrain department and proper mud tires, this Honda Fit became extremely capable on the trails, even despite the fact, that it’s FWD.


Jeff’s passion for off-roading and creative spirit have resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind battlewagon build that enables him to explore the great outdoors in unique style. This lifted Honda Fit proves that with vision and customization, nearly any car can become an adventure-mobile ready for dirt, trails and beyond.

When he’s not working his 9-to-5 job, you can find Jeff eagerly hitting the trails to test his lifted off-road car at least once or twice a week. Despite other project car dreams brewing in his head, his goal is keep this build going for many, many miles to come. With proper care and maintenance, Jeff hopes to see the Fit’s odometer roll well into 6 figures and maybe even up to a million miles someday.

Who would have thought a front-wheel drive economy hatchback could be turned into such a viable overland rig? But Jeff’s passion and resourcefulness show that the possibilities for custom builds are truly endless if you have enough creativity and dedication. His unique machine is a rolling testament that off-road spirit comes from within, not what the factory installs. And this beast of a Fit battlewagon will continue charging down less-traveled paths for years to come thanks to Jeff’s vision and effort.

You can follow his adventures on YouTube and his Instagram account!

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  • This is my hopes n dreams!! How do I reach Jeff directly?? I was just in an accident and want to know if he thinks my car can be saved and transformed… would be amazing if I could. Straight up though, seeking advice asap.

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