Lifted Audi Q2: Off Road Tires, Wheels & Overland Mods

Audi Q2 with a lifted suspension and off road wheels
LiftedAudi Q2 overland off road build
Lifted Audi Q2 with off road mods
Lifted Audi Q2 with BF Goodrich All terrain off road tires
Audi Q2 with a lifted suspension and off road wheels +2
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The Audi Q2 is a stylish, upscale subcompact crossover SUV. While designed primarily for on-road use, with some simple modifications it can handle moderate off-road trails and overland adventures. In this article we’ll explore the Q2’s baseline off-road capabilities and discuss wheels, tires, lift kits, and other mods to make this cute ute ready to get dirty.

Key Takeaways

  • The Q2 has Audi’s renowned quattro AWD system but very little ground clearance from the factory
  • Adding a suspension lift kit and more aggressive all-terrain tires significantly improves its off-road potential
  • Roof racks, tents, awnings and LED lights turn the Q2 into a mini overland rig

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Lifted Audi Q2 with BF Goodrich All terrain off road tires

Off Road Capabilities & Mods

Quattro all-wheel drive The Q2 comes standard with Audi’s renowned quattro all-wheel drive system, giving it solid traction even in slippery conditions. Power is distributed 40:60 front to rear via a hydraulic multi-plate clutch. While no substitute for serious 4WD with low range gearing, AWD quattro gives the Q2 a leg up over FWD rivals.

Ground clearance: With just 15 centimeters (5.9 inches) of minimum ground clearance, the stock Q2 rides quite low. Hitting trails will require adding a lift kit and bumping up the tire size.

LiftedAudi Q2 overland off road build

Off Road Wheels & Tires

There’s not much available for the Q2 on the aftermarket currently. However, a Japanese shop successfully lifted a Q2 about 1.5 inches using All Ground +30mm springs. They also installed a set of beefy BF Goodrich T/A KO2 all-terrain tires, which look to be 215/65R16 based on the BFG tire size chart. This greatly increased overall clearance without excessive rubbing. The aggressive KO2 tread pattern also provides good traction off-road.

Table 1: Stock vs Lifted Q2 Clearance

ConfigurationGround Clearance
Stock5.9 inches
+30mm Lift & KO2 AT Tires7.2 inches

Lift Kit

Installing a suspension lift kit is currently the best way to improve the Q2’s limited factory ground clearance for off-road use. Typical advantages of lifting include:

  • Increased clearance for obstacles – High-centered no more!
  • Ability to fit larger, more aggressive tires
  • Improved approach/departure angles for steep inclines
  • A more commanding view of the trails

Downsides can include a firmer ride, decreased stability at higher speeds, and additional strain on suspension components. So far options are limited, but a 30mm lift kit like this appears to work nicely on a Q2.

Lifted Audi Q2 vs stock
Lifted Audi Q2 vs stock.

Overland Mods

Beyond just improving its off-road traction, there are several mods that can transform the Audi Q2 into a mini overland adventure rig. Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Roof Racks

Adding a roof rack opens up all kinds of carrying capacity on the Q2 for overlanding duties. Storage boxes and baskets allow hauling extra fuel, water, tools, and gear so you can stay out on the trails longer. A convenient place to mount rigid LED lightbars for illumination or satellite communication equipment for connectivity in remote areas. And they look pretty cool too!

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Roof Top Tents

For getting truly off the grid, roof top tents are a popular overlanding accessory. Mounting a light fabric tent to the Q2’s roof rack allows you to camp anywhere – no tent required! Most feature mattresses and ladders for easy access. Just unfold and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep under the stars. Brands like Tepui and Roofnest make tents sized and shaped specifically for small off road crossovers like the Audi Q2.

Side Awning

A handy addition alongside a rooftop tent is an attachable side awning. These provide shade and shelter to hang out under next to your Q2 while camping. Awnings roll or fold out from the vehicle’s side and fasten to the roof rack. Some have built-in LED lighting too! Popular picks are the ARB Awning and Napier Backroadz awning.

Auxiliary LED Lights

No overland vehicle is complete without extra lighting! Auxiliary LED lightbars and pods can be mounted on the Q2’s bumper, hood, or roof racks. These supply tons of bright white light to illuminate the trails at night or punch through inclement weather. Both round and rectangular options are available from brands like Baja Designs, KC HiLites and Rigid Industries to name a few.

Orange Lifted Audi Q2with a roof rack


While stock Audi Q2’s are tailored more for the urban jungle, the preceding mods demonstrate there is some potential in this compact urban crossover. Building upon the surefooted quattro AWD system, adding a lift kit, aggressive tires, and roof top accessories can transform this little CUV into a surprisingly capable mini adventure mobile. Where will you take your modded Q2? The trails are calling!

Photos by: Hirotaka Kanemoto

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