Chevy Silverado Prerunner pictures and specs

Black Chevy Silverado Prerunner by DirtKing Fabrication

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at an insane Chevy Silverado prerunner with a long-travel…

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Chevy Colorado prerunner with CWF offroad bumper

First gen Chevy Colorado Prerunner Build

Model: 1st Gen Chevy Colorado
Wheels: 33″
Category: Prerunner
Build Level: Pro
Capability Score: 50/70
Mods Budget: $$$$

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Top 10 Lifted Chevy Trucks Modified for Off-roading and Desert Racing

Chevy trucks have been serving the automotive market since 1930s. Thanks to the great quality and utmost reliability they proudly belong to the list of top selling pickup trucks and SUV in the USA for more than 70 years.

Permanent competition with Ford makes Chevy constantly moving forward in their engineering and design, which allows them to remain on the edge of innovations and bring new solutions to the market again and again. Thanks to the constant movement to perfection throughout the decades Chevy has produced a row of remarkable trucks that left a tread on the ground of the automotive history.

1973 Squarebody Chevy K30 Crew Cab on 38s Prerunner

Chevrolet is one of the most famous American truck brands of all time so it’s no wonder that these tucks get so much love from workers, regular drivers, customizers, and 4×4 fans. Suspension modification is one of the easiest ways to install larger tires and improve the off-road capabilities of these trucks, so lifted chevy trucks are quite often met on the parking lots, highways and truck shows throughout the country.

Lifting a Chevy Truck – Popular Mods & Upgrades

Thanks to the classic body on frame construction and the use of shocks and leaf springs there are many possibilities for suspension modification. The aftermarket offers various solutions starting with simple body lift spacers up to advanced long-travel suspension conversions. 1-3 inch body lift is usually enough to install a set of slightly bigger off-road wheels and enjoy spirited off-road driving. Off-road racing or rock crawling, on the other hand, require more extensive modifications of the drivetrain and suspension components.

Model1st Generation2nd Generation3rd Generation4th Generation5th Generation6th Generation7th Generation8th Generation9th Generation10th Generation11th Generation
Chevy C/K Truck1960-19661966-19721973-19871988-1999
Chevy Silverado1999-20072006-20132014-20182019-Present
Chevy Blazer K51969-19721973-19911992-1994
Chevy Suburban1935-19401941-19461947-19541955-19591960-19661967-19721973-19911992-19992000-20062007-20142015-Present
Chevy Tahoe1991-20002000-20062007-20142015-Present
Chevy S10 Pickup1981-19931993-2004
Chevy S10 Blazer1982-19931994-2005
Chevy Colorado2004-20122014-Present

Chevy C/K Trucks

These models have built a reputation and made this brand famous throughout the world. Being extremely reliable and off-road capable these trucks became iconic for pickup truck enthusiasts, off-roaders, and desert racers. Along with GMC brothers, C/K truck line remained in production from 1959 until 2000.

Chevy C10 4x4 truck

Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado became a successor of the famous C/K truck series and basically represented the new generation of these trucks. The reliable four-wheel drive system, tough chassis, and powerful motors could not leave the market indifferent and made this truck popular in America as never before. There were 1500 light duty, 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty models in various chassis and cab configurations. Despite remarkable 4×4 characteristics, these trucks were both popular on the street, custom and lowered truck scene as well as the off-road and lifted truck scene. View all posts about Chevy Silverado



Deep dish Fuel Zephyr D633 rims in Matte Black FInish

Chevy Suburban

Suburban is one of the oldest name brands that remains in production for more than 85 years, being one of the biggest SUV in history. Square body Chevy Suburban 1973-1991 is one of the most favorite models among the fans of classic 4×4 vehicles and customizers, thanks to it’s unique style and bulletproof reputation. View all posts about Chevy Suburban

Chevy suburban Rock crawler

Chevy Colorado

Colorado is America’s most popular small pickup truck available on the market since 2004. This model is sharing the design and equipment of the blazer/S10 and a slightly shortened platform to fit within the common SUV size limits. View all posts about Chevy Colorado

Chevy Colorado ZR2 on 37×12.5 Patagonia milestar Mud Tires M/T

Chevy Blazer K5

Blazer k5, also known as full-size Blazer was introduced to the market in 1969 as a part of the Chevy C/K truck family. It was a short base truck with a removable top and RWD or 4WD drivetrain. It was especially popular among the off-roaders, rangers, scouts and other outdoor occupations. In the 90s this model was replaced by Tahoe.
32-inch LED light bar on the bumper

Chevy S10 / S10 Blazer

Due to the economic crisis of the 70s, the automotive market demands have changed and instead of full-size gas-guzzling trucks, it required more fuel efficient and environment-friendly vehicles. The S10 pickup truck and S10 Blazer were the smaller versions of the Chevy trucks that preserved the brand’s famous reliability, convenience, and design. Needless to say that these models have gained great success in America, a influenced the new niche on the market.

Chevy Tahoe

Tahoe is America’s most popular SUV available on the market since 1995. This model is sharing the design and equipment of the bigger Suburban and a slightly shortened platform to fit within the common SUV size limits. View all posts about Chevy Tahoe

Chevy Tahoe prerunner lifted