Lifted Nissan Rogue with Off-road Mods and 245/65R17 BFG Tires

Nissan Rogue with a 2" lift by ReeadyLift and 245/65/17 tires

The 2nd gen Nissan Rogue, known outside the U.S. and Canada as the Nissan X-Trail T32, is a compact crossover SUV produced since 2014. Currently, it’s the best-selling Nissan SUV model in the United States due to great ride quality, a long list of standard comfort and safety features, and a roomy interior.

This AWD crossover is powered by a 2.0-liter inline-4 engine paired with a CVT transmission, which provides smooth acceleration and surprisingly low fuel consumption. Even though we don’t get to see off road modified Nissan Rogues often, this kind of vehicle is a perfect choice for work and play, especially if you tend to leave the paved streets often.

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Nissan Rogue / Xtrail T32 2 inch lift and off-road tires

We spoke with the owner of the 2019 Nissan Rogue from San Diego, California. As a geologist, Stephen Quimpo was looking for a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle that could take him to the job site and back in comfort. With a lifted suspension and a set of 17″ Overland Black Rhino Wheels, the Rogue is more than capable of tackling challenging terrains. Check out our interview with the owner of the “Rhino Rogue”.

“As a geologist, Stephen Quimpo was looking for a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle that could take him to the job site and back in comfort.

How did you become interested in off-roading?

– My job (geologist) requires me to go in backcountry trails to get to project sites.

What inspired you to choose this modification style?

– There’s a very limited amount of aftermarket off-road parts for the Rogue so I usually choose what I can get. I try to keep things that serve a purpose and nothing for looks.

Nissan Rogue offroading

What challenges did you face while putting it together?

– The bull bar isn’t built well nor does it fit well out of the box. A bit of fabrication was required and it really is only good to mount lights on.

What do you love about your vehicle?

– The gas mileage and just the fact you don’t see many trail-capable Rogues.

Nissan Rogue off-road wheels

Nissan Rogue roof rack

Is it your daily or a weekend ride?

– Daily and weekend

Where do you take it off-road?

– Anza Borrego at least once a month

Lifted Nissan Rogue with a lift and 245/65R17 A/T tires



– 2.0 L 4-cylinder (stock)


– 2” front and rear – ReadyLift kit


– 17” Black Rhino overland rims

– 245/65/17 BF GOODRICH T/A KO2

Exterior mods

– Vanguard Off road-Bull bar

– WeatherTech window deflectors

– FCS soft surf rack (held together with husky ratchet straps)

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What are your future plans for this vehicle?

– Add some ditch lights and maybe a true roof rack, but I like how jerry-rigged the car looks.

Anything else you would like to share about your vehicle or about off-roading in general?

– Keep your trails clean, don’t be an asshole (in life and out off-roading).

Watch the progress and find out more about this Nissan Rogue project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @Rhino_Rogue!

Nissan Rogue All terrain tires A/T BFG

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*Before ordering any part or accessory, it is recommended that you verify its fitment with a qualified professional and/or seller. We are not responsible for fitment or other issues that may arise from using the products featured on our website.

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