Lifted Volvo V40 Cross Country With Heico Sportiv Mods & Off-road Wheels

Lifted Volvo V40 Cross Country With Heico Sportiv Mods & Off-road Wheels

The Volvo V40 Cross Country is a compact front-wheel drive hatchback produced by the Swedish car manufacturer for the European and global markets. What makes the Cross Country model different from a regular V40 are the protective body panels, bigger wheels and tires, and increased ground clearance.

Its T4 and T5 variants feature Haldex Gen-5 All Wheel Drive as an option, along with hill descent control, which makes it capable of driving through difficult road conditions. Its size and overall design make it similar to the popular among off-road enthusiasts Subaru Crosstrek.

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Lifted Volvo V40 Cross Country with overland roof rack
Volvo V40 Cross Country Heico Sportiv

“In this review, we’ll take a look at the lifted Volvo V40 Cross Country modified by RDBase Japan for one of their clients.”

Volvo V40 Cross Country Heico Sportiv on Toyo Open Country All Terrain tires

The first thing you’ll notice about the V40 Cross Country is the rugged off-road inspired design by Heico Sportiv that features black plastic fender flares to protect the body from dirt and debris. It’s certainly no shrinking violet; with its aggressive off-road wheels and plastic fender flares, it’s clear that this car is not only good on paved roads.

The body panels are also beefier than those found on the regular V40, which helps to give it an air of ruggedness. And while some might find the overall look to be a bit too busy, we think it’s just right. It’s not overdone like some other crossovers on the market but still has enough personality to stand out from the crowd.

17” BlackRhino Sandstorm SUV rims wrapped in beefy Toyo Open Country All-terrain tires

As far as features go, this V40 Cross Country is equipped with 17” BlackRhino Sandstorm SUV rims wrapped in beefy Toyo Open Country All-terrain tires. Thule cargo basket sits on top of the car and offers to load it up with gear for the next camping trip out in the wild.

SPECS – VOLVO V40 Cross Country Heico SPORTIV 

  • Wheels: 17” BlackRhino Sandstorm
  • Tires: Toyo Open Country All-terrain
  • Gear: Thule Canyon Cargo basket
  • Fender Flares: Heico Sportiv

If you’re looking for a stylish hatchback that’s packed with features and performs well both on and off-road, yet don’t want to stick with mainstream models like Subaru Crosstrek, then you should definitely consider the Volvo V40 Cross Country crossover.

Off-road Hatchback Volvo V40 Cross Country Heico Sportiv
Off-road minicrossover - Volvo V40 Cross Country AWD offroad

Watch the progress and find out more about this Volvo V40 Cross Country project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @hirotaka_kanemoto!

Volvo V40 Cross Country With Off-road wheels and Thule roof basket

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