Off road Vehicles in Eastern Europe Spotted In My Road Trip

Suzuki Jimny Off-road Vehicle in Eastern Europe

Despite the common belief that there’s no off-roading in Europe, it’s actually thriving, especially in the complex mountain regions extending from the eastern Carpathians through the Tatra Mountains and all the way to the well-known Alps and Pyrenees.

During my long road trip across the mountain roads of Romania, Slovakia, and Poland, I naturally spotted off-road vehicles used by locals for their everyday duties in the high country. Using regular FWD or RWD cars would simply be impossible in these regions during winter and difficult weather, even with the well-developed road infrastructure.

Zakopane region in Polish Tatra mountains
Polish mountain town of Zakopane in Tatra mountains.

European Off-road Vehicles

People in these regions need simple and reliable 4x4s for their everyday tasks, and the domestic market has a lot to offer. There is a wide variety of models that American off-road fans may have never heard about, but some vehicles are basically rebranded SUVs once available on the North American market, such as the Opel Frontera (aka Isuzu Rodeo or 1st gen Honda Passport), Opel Monterey (aka Isuzu Trooper), Suzuki Grand Vitara (aka GEO Tracker), and others.

Land Rover Defender 90 - popular off-road vehicle in Europe

Vintage 4x4s

Among the vintage 4x4s I spotted, there were a significant number of Land Rover Defenders in all possible configurations, including the short-base 90, longer 110, and extended-length pickups. Some of them serve the purpose of maintaining all-weather availability for various services.

Another cool old-school sight was the Unimog 404s and newer models. In case you don’t know, it’s the Mercedes-designed truck built for extreme off-road use, famous for its portal axles and flexible chassis.

Toyota Land Cruiser 60 in Hamburg city center

90s SUVs

Mid-90s Japanese SUVs, such as the Mitsubishi Pajero II, Toyota Land Cruiser, and of course, the Nissan Patrol (Y60) and (Y61), are not uncommon in the high country of Transylvania in the Carpathians and the High Tatra Mountains around the Polish town of Zakopane, situated on the southern border of Poland. It seems that Japanese reliability is well-known in all corners of the world, no matter how remote they are from the motherland of these vehicles. Land Rover Discovery I and II are also popular here.

Jeep Cherokee XJ with 33 inch off-road wheels and fender flares in Poland

The Jeep Thing is International

Another internationally renowned brand with a big following on the European off-road scene is certainly Jeep. You can spot older Jeep Cherokee (XJ), Grand Cherokee (WJ), and of course, the Wranglers (CJ, TJ, JK, and even newer JLs), but not the Gladiators, perhaps due to their size.

Jeep Wrangler CJ with off-road wheels in the city Iasi, Romania

As for trucks, they are present here too. I was surprised by the number of Ford Ranger Raptors I spotted during my road trip. It looks like this is one of the most popular mid-size trucks in this region. Apart from the Rangers, I also spotted a few Isuzu D-Maxes, familiar to our Australian readers. These mules are equipped with efficient 2-liter diesels to keep emissions low and gas mileage high.

A couple of F-150s and Ram 1500s crossed my vision, but they were a rather rare sight on busy European highways.

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Lifted Mercedes G-Class offroad bumper with a bush guard

Off-road crossovers in east European mountain regions
Subaru Forester SJ – AWD Crossover

AWD Crossovers Rule The World

As in other parts of the world, AWD crossovers are everywhere in the high country. While not being extremely capable in bad weather conditions, they still ensure dependable year-round driveability for their owners. You will spot everything from Jeep Compass and Renegade to RAV4 and domestic European crossovers such as the Tiguan, Q5, Touareg, and so on.

Being a Subaru Forester owner, I was surprised to see how popular this model is in the mountain regions of Eastern Europe. Everything from the good old 1st gen Forester (SF) to newer (SJ) and (SK) are quite common here, along with the compact Crosstrek and famous Outback.

Mountain Regions in Eastern Europe
Mountains in Eastern Europe - Zakopane, Poland


In conclusion, my road trip across the mountain roads of Eastern Europe revealed a thriving off-road culture that often goes unnoticed by outsiders. From vintage 4x4s like the Land Rover Defender and Unimog to classic 90s SUVs from Japanese manufacturers, the region showcases a diverse range of vehicles capable of tackling the challenging terrain.

The popularity of Jeep models and the prevalence of AWD crossovers further demonstrate the importance of reliable, all-weather transportation in these areas. As an off-road enthusiast, it was fascinating to observe how the vehicles that dominate the European mountain roads compare to those favored in other parts of the world, highlighting the universal need for dependable and capable transportation in remote, mountainous regions.

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