4runner with Trail bolt on sliders HREW, Safari snorkel and ARB awning

List of Toyota 4Runner Mods & Accessories That’s Proven To Work

The 4Runner is one of the most widely supported 4×4 platforms by aftermarket parts manufacturers.…

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Long travel Toyota Tundra prerunner with off-road mods

Toyota Tundra Prerunner with LSK Suspension and Supercharger

This is our archive feature dedicated to a 2nd Gen Toyota Tundra prerunner build we…

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Latest Posts about Off-road Toyotas

Toyota needs no introduction, as these trucks are well known all around the world. Not many foreign brands have managed to achieve this level of trust and popularity in the American automotive market.

Remarkable off-road characteristics and impeccable durability have made these trucks the number one choice among 4×4 enthusiasts. Here on Offroadium.com, we gather the most interesting project trucks made by this brand, whether it’s an overland rig, rock crawler, desert prerunner, compact AWD crossover Rav4 or just a tastefully modified lifted Toyota truck.

Lifted Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Modified for Off-roading and Overland-style Adventures
Lifted Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Modified for Off-roading and Overland-style Adventures. Find out more about this build in our special feature.

Lifting a classic Toyota Truck

Thanks to the classic body on frame construction and the use of shocks and leaf springs there are many possibilities for suspension modification. The aftermarket offers various solutions starting with a simple body lift spacers up to advanced long travel suspension conversions.

1-3 inch body lift is usually enough to install a set of slightly bigger off-road wheels and enjoy spirited off-road driving. The off-road racing or rock crawling, on the other hand, require more extensive modifications of the drivetrain and suspension components.

First-Generation Toyota 4Runner 33 inch tires and 5 inch lift
One of the coolest lifted 1st ge Toyota 4Runner projects on 33s. Find out more about this rig here.


Tundra is a big V8 powered pickup truck that competes with the big dogs on the full-size truck market. It wasn’t easy for an import brand to fit into this niche but, thanks to the famous Toyota quality and reliability it craved the place in it and became a serious player.

2014 Toyota Tundra Prerunner with LSK Race Kit performance suspension
Tundra is popular among the fans of the offroading and desert racing in particular. The aftermarket offers plenty of solutions to take this truck from mild to wild, whatever style you’re loyal to. Find out more about this white Tundra prerunner in our special feature.


toyota tacoma truck with tailgate mounted spare tire
Find out more about this lifted Taco project on 35s in our build overview.

Tacoma is the truck that brought the glory to the Toyota brand on American automotive market. During the last few years, this model experienced a certain splash in popularity thanks to the huge exposure on the social media and eventually became the number one truck choice for overlanding.

Toyota Tacoma Mods, Off-road Accessories & Build Reviews


Lifted Toyota 4 Runner with RCI Aluminum Skid Plates and TRD Pro Grill

4Runner is a strong player on the SUV market that remains in production in five generations starting from 1984. Thanks to the efficient, yet powerful motors, good sized platform and the capable 4×4 system it managed to outperform the competition with ease.

The sheer love of the off-road enthusiasts initiated the appearance of a huge number of the aftermarket parts designed to improve the offroad qualities of this vehicle. 4Runner is up to any challenge you can throw at it, whether is a steep mountain pass, rocky trail or deep mud. View all posts about modified 4Runners here.

Land Cruiser

2018 Toyota Prado 150 with restyled front end

Thanks to this model Toyota became famous around the world. Land Cruiser was the brands proving ground for all the innovations in the 4×4 sphere since 1951.

Thanks to the constant development this model has influenced the shape of the common SUV that we see today and brought more than a dozen of truly iconic modifications to drivers around the world. View all posts about lifted Toyota Land Cruiser here.


Lifted Toyota Sequoia

Sequoia is the SUV version of the Tundra pickup powered with the same force V8 motors. Unlike the pickup truck, it offers a much higher level of comfort and convenience.

Despite a great 4×4 potential it’s not very often used for the off-roading, although lifted Sequoia with big tires still shows up here and there on the internet.


Lifted Toyota FJ-Cruiser

Is a very special model in the Toyota lineup. It’s made as a tribute to the Land Cruiser FJ40 that has been extremely popular in America and the whole world in the 60s-70s. The designers have successfully combined the original old-school 4×4 features with the modern SUV format and ended up with a truly unique vehicle that became an icon for the off-road enthusiasts throughout the world. View all posts about Toyota FJ-Cruiser here.